The sky was clear blue and the air crisp and light, a perfect mid September day.  We decided to bike to Marina Bay, one of our favorite routes, about 20 miles from home.  Flags were posted in town and there were ceremonies in progress at the fire station.  In the neighboring town, we biked by a cemetery.  Cars overflowed in parking lanes on Washington Street.  A funeral was in progress where it seemed that about half the town was in attendance.  Several fire trucks were parked alongside, and members of the fire department stood in attention.


We continued on in the clear pre-autumn air to the Blue Hills.  Biking was good and the traffic was light.  We pedaled up the long slope to a lookout.  The view to the Boston skyline was crystal clear.  Tall towers accented the horizon.  Down the hill to the bay, many ceremonies were in progress.  A large American flag was suspended from a crane.  The city had organized commemorative road races and a walkathon.  Cars were not permitted, but the police let us bikers pass.  At Wollaston Beach, the water sparkled in bright sunshine.  Beachgoers celebrated in the beautiful cool light, but the celebration was muted.


We arrived at Marina Bay and parked on the boardwalk by the coffee shop.  Sitting next to the bay, we watched as overhead jets, one after the other, glided down the approach path to Logan Airport.