Steel sections of the westbound portion of the new Burns Bridge are being transported from fabrication in Maine to the bridge site in Worcester, Massachusetts. 

The project features two bridges.  Each bridge is a five span deck arch with box beams.  The new bridges replace an old deteriorating concrete bridge carrying Route 9 over Lake Quinsigamond.  Route 9 had four lanes of traffic, two eastbound and two westbound.  

The first bridge opened in January and is now carrying traffic all four lanes in a temporary configuration across Lake Quinsigamond.  Then the original bridge was demolished over the winter, and the second bridge is under construction.  When complete, the roadway will be expanded to carry six lanes of traffic, three on each bridge, with bike lanes and turnning lanes.

You can't see it in the photo, but a sign lists different payment categories:

Autos:  $1.00
One Axle:  $1.50
Two Axles:  $2.00
Three Axles or More:  $4.00
Arch Bridges:  Inquire