[Preface to this blog entry with an assumption that photo below is for real.  If anyone has more information about this, please share].

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A graphic has been placed at the bottom of an escalator in South Korea.

On a website where this picture was posted, reviewers shared the following comments:

"Translation: Save energy (electricity) and look after your health! Gym in everyday life. I can't read the smaller stuff on the bottom."

"That guy on the escalator is obviously a rebel"

"Shaming people into using the stairs since 2010. Nice work South Korea."

"It's an advertisement for a gym. Not a very effective one though..."

 "This would not go over well in the states. Also, the escalator would have to be 3 times wider. Maybe 4."

"Eat right. Exercise. Still die."

 "The force of passive aggression is strong here."

"They put a rail in center of escalator so fat ppl can't fit."

I like how even the arrow is fatter."

"I was stationed in South Korea, this is indeed a real thing there."

"Heavy, man!"


"The sign isn't necessary, that's how people naturally sort themselves"