On his Sunday late night talk show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the host explains why infrastructure is falling apart (video can be found here).  

In a nutshell:

>  People enjoy going to the movies to see mega-infrastructure disasters.

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>  Politicians enjoy using very large scissors to cut ribbons at opening day ceremonies, but do not enjoy the mundane funding for maintenance of existing infrastructure.

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/>  In Pittsburgh, a bridge was built below a crumbling bridge, the purpose being to catch falling debris (this was taken from a 
60 Minutes segment on deteriorating bridges). 

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Greenfield Street Bridge -  pittsburghmagazine.com

>  Everyone agrees that infrastructure is failing and must be fixed.  No one agrees on how to pay for it.

The segment ends with a mock drama about maintenance.  The star and hero is a bearded bridge inspector who calmly tackles all the bad news while stoically going about his business.  As far as I know, this is the first time a bridge inspector has been presented as the dramatic hero.  

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This is one funny, barbed show that pulls no punches in between the one liners.  It is must-see TV for everyone working in infrastructure, and everyone who is counting on infrastructure not collapsing on them.