Yesterday I participated in the Walk for Hunger, a fund raising walkathon supporting food pantries and hunger relief efforts around Boston.  It was a perfect spring day where 42,000 walkers made the 20 mile jaunt from downtown Boston, through Newton, Watertown and Cambridge and back to the starting point on the Boston Common.  After 40 + years, the walk has become a signature event for Boston, helping to usher in the warm season.  After this year’s very harsh winter, the start of May is appreciated. 


In addition to the excellent weather and spirit of the day, we were lucky to walk by and over some nice bridges.  The Charles River has a series of beautifully proportioned arches along the route.


The walk concluded with a crossing of the Harvard Bridge, the half mile long bridge over the widened section of the river downtown.  On a sunny spring day, the view from the bridge, with sailboats bobbing on the water and light reflecting off the State House dome, is surely one of the most beautiful urban sights in the U.S.


In the United States, we don’t think hunger is a problem.  But even here, there are some who worry about putting food on the table.  On the walk, we are reminded of our good fortune and the need to consider those who are not so well off.