This is an amazing construction photo of the new Hoover Dam Bypass. The bridge is a reinforced concrete arch that is currently under construction in front of the Hoover Dam, crossing the Colorado River between Nevada and Arizona. Looking at the photo, it’s astonishing that human beings can conceive of and build structures of this size and scope. It makes us feel very proud but very small at the same time. 


The project has a great website with many more construction photos.


The photo not only shows the new bridge, but the incredible Hoover Dam works as well.  Note the water level of Lake Mead behind the dam. You can see how the water surface has dropped due to many years of substandard rainfall in the west- this is shown by the layer of whitish colored rocks that are no longer under water. The drop in water level may be caused by draught due to global warming.  Regardless of the cause, an immediate concern is that if the water level drops too much more, intake tunnels providing fresh water for Las Vegas would be exposed and would no longer function properly.  A project is underway to construct a new, deeper water intake tunnel.