Wheel Loader: DPF Uses Passive Regeneration

The WA3208 Wheel Loader features a parallel lift linkage with an auto-tilt feature to simulate a Z-bar, allowing the machine to handle a wide variety of tasks. It is powered by a 165-hp engine that meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards. The diesel-particulate filter performs regeneration almost entirely passively, with no need for the operator to interrupt the work cycle. The hydrostatic drivetrain features variable traction control and an “S-mode” which improves handling in snowy, icy or slippery conditions. Komatsu America Corp.; www.komatsuamerica.com

Laser Rangefinder: Documents Measurement Data

The PD-C Laser Range Meter is able to capture distance data and take jobsite photos. It has 4GB of onboard memory which can store over 3,000 jobsite measurements with photos. Measurement data can be exported in PDF or CVS format, and the photos can be exported separately as JPG files. Data can be transferred to a computer via USB or to an Android device via Bluetooth. The laser rangefinder has a maximum range of 656 ft. Hilti; www.hilti.com

Underground Drill: Tunneling Rig

The DT912D Drilling Jumbo is designed for underground mining and tunneling work in limestone formations. The 26-ton machine is capable of production drilling of 130- to 1,345-sq-ft cross sections and can also perform crosscutting, bolt-hole drilling and extension drilling. An onboard air compressor and water tank allow for air-mist flushing of the drill. The cab is fully ROPS compliant, and the drill’s noise level remains under 73 dB at all times. Sandvik; www.sandvik.com

Big Lifts: Folding-Boom Hydraulic Gantry

The SBL900 Hydraulic Gantry has a maximum lift height of 37 ft and a maximum capacity of 667 tons. The lift gantry works in two stages, and the octagonal design of its boom cylinders provides extra strength. Mechanical locks allow for loads to be held up for extended periods, and the lift’s hydraulic components are fully contained within the frame, eliminating trip hazards and reducing the overall footprint. The boom folds down to take up less space during transport. The lift is self-propelled for easier repositioning on the site. The SBL9000 is controlled via a wireless remote that ensures 1-in. accuracy in lift height and 0.6-in. accuracy in travel position. Enerpac; www.enerpac.com