Wheel Loader: Redesigned Z-Bar Linkage

Deere’s L-Series of wheel loaders has been updated with four new models, including one with a hybrid-electric drive transmission. The loaders feature more comfortable cabs, improved HVAC and electrohydraulic controls. A heated and ventilated heavy-duty air suspension seat and automatic cab temperature control are available as options. A redesigned Z-Bar linkage allows for greater visibility and a power lift of 8° for better load leveling. The EH function grants the operator greater control over bucket movement, and can store preset settings. John Deere; www.deere.com

Portable Vacuum Lifter: Remote Control

Weighing just 25 lb, the PHD Portable Vacuum Lifting System is powered by a 12V, 30Ah lithium-ion phosphate battery. Two dual-stage vacuum pumps provide for a less battery-intensive functionality and greater vacuum power. The unit can be used to lift up to 2,500 lb. A remote control allows the operator to lift and release at a distance from the unit. It can be mounted on mini skid steers, mini excavators, forklifts, small cranes or demolition robots as needed. Vacuworx; www.vacuworx.com

Compact Utility Loader: Battery-Powered

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the zero-emissions e-Dingo 500 compact utility loader is designed for use in indoor jobs. It features power-conserving modes with auto-idle and low-idle, with a double-tap restart on the traction control lever. It has a maximum operating capacity of 515 lb. The compact loader is compatible with many of the attachments in Toro’s Dingo line, including a hydraulic breaker and a multipurpose tool. Toro; www.toro.com

Modular Propping System: Lightweight, Versatile

The Tetrashor propping system is designed for use in building rehabilitation, facade work, dead shoring or precast concrete construction. The components weigh in at only 30 kilograms per meter and can be easily carried around the site. The system boasts a 400-kN loading capacity with a minimal number of components, saving time on setup and assembly. Tetrashor can be placed vertically, horizontally and at an incline. The components can be used to form a tower using the Tetrashor prop, increasing the loading capacity to 1,600 kN. The system’s KwikStrike load release feature allows for speedy disassembly. RMD Kwikform; www.rmdkwikform.com

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