Rotating Laser
One-Button Leveling

Hilti Inc.; 800/879-8000;

Maxi-Lite Towers
With Generators

Allmand Bros. Inc.; 800/562-1373; www.

Steel Security Fence
Metal Mesh Panels
34Smith-Midland Corp.; 540/439-3266;

Scaffold Plank Option
Three Load-Bearing Capacities

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Safe Railing
Rooftop Protection

Kee Industrial Products Inc.; 800/851-5181; Designed for exterior horizontal leveling and slope setting applications, the new PR 20 rotating laser operates at 300 rpm and offers a range of up to 1,300 ft in diameter. It has large rubber-coated handles and fully enclosed and sealed rotating heads. A simple-to-operate control panel with one-button leveling allows for setting grades, aligning formwork or pouring concrete. The system comes with the PR 20 rotating laser, PRA 20 electronic laser receiver, PRA 75 laser receiver holder and PRA 52 slope calculator. Models 15330 and 20330 portable light towers aredesigned with 15 and 20-kw AVR regulated generators. They feature the company’s SHO lighting system and provide up to 7,500 watts. Both units are available with 4 or 6 SHO-fixtures carrying metal-halide or high-pressure sodium lights. An optional Saf-T-Visor attachment reflects previously wasted light directly onto the work site. These 12-ft-wide x 10-ft-tall steel security fence panels feature heavy-duty, 9-gauge expanded steel mesh with narrow /-in. spacing along with a 2-ft angled panel at the top. They are easily installed on site in either a stand-alone configuration or attached to a concrete barrier using saddle-type bracket systems. Manufacturer introduces GripStrip scaffold planks as an option with its frame scaffold. Each plank is made from dense, industrial 65 solid, sawn wood and meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI standards. The planks are treated with advanced-performance, waterproof end sealer that penetrates the wood fibers and protects against water and UV damage. The GripStrip scaffold plank is available in three load-bearing capacities—285 lb, 460 lb and 725 lb. It also comes in five lengths ranging from 6 ft up to 16 ft. The Contractor is a modular rooftop railing system that provides contractors or other workers with fall protection safety during construction, maintenance and repairs, or to install a permanent guardrail system for flat roofs. It complies with OSHA Standard 29 CRF 1926.500 for permanent railing and is tested to withstand a load of at least 200 lb. The system is comprised of railing bases, standard steel pipe and Kee Klamp slip-on-pipe fittings, all of which are galvanized for corrosion resistance. Four upright anchor holes allow for virtually any configuration.