All Wired Up: First Factory Laser Control
ACaterpillar Inc.; 800-447-6434;

Speedy Lift: Rack and Pinion Hoists
HAlimak Hek; +46-910-56690;

Lightning: Cordless Gun
LLincoln GmbH; +49-6227-33-0;

Fuel Sipper: New Heavy Wheel Loader
S Volvo Construction Equipment S.A.; +32-2-482-51-11;

Crawler Crane: 155-Tonne Capacity
CSANY Corp.; +86-0731-4031888;

Concrete Pumps: New 'Shortjacking' Controls
GPutzmeister AG; 262-884-6369;

Foundation Machine: Cuts Diaphragm Walls
B Broan-Nutone; 800-558-1711;

Smart Compactors: Computer Tells Operators When They 'Are On A Roll'
W Wirtgen Group; 615; 501; 0600;

Big Crawler: Heavy Lifter
J Kobelco Cranes Europe Ltd.; +31-36-549-5512;

Hybrid Crane: For Steep, Vertical Lifts
TManitowoc Crane Group; 920-684-6621;

utomatic grade controls will be featured on new earthmoving, paving and other machines at Bauma, and Caterpillar Inc. has mounted the first factory-installed "AccuGrade" laser receiver onto its new E-Series backhoe loaders, having just unveiled them in North America at last month's World of Concrete. Sources say Cat may also give viewers a sneak peek into its AC electric drive, off-highway haul trucks under development. aving just been acquired by equity investor Triton, Sweden-based Alimak Hek will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a new high-speed hoist in the SCANDO 650 line. It features a maximum lifting height of 400 meters and can go up to 100 m per minute with payloads up to 3,100 kg. Alimak also plans to unveil a new Internet-based telematics system called "A3" that promises to make fleet management easier. incoln GmbH, the Germany-based supplier of automated, continuous lubrication systems, plans to show off a 14.4-Volt "PowerLuber" cordless, two-speed grease gun for equipment technicians. The rechargeable battery offers a small power increase from the company's existing 12-Volt unit, with two modes. The push of a button dispenses large quantities of grease, at 240 grams per minute, or a constant, low flow at the high pressure of 7,000 psi. An indicator tells the user when it's time to refill. weden-based Volvo Group will showcase a new "flagship" wheel loader, the L350F. It is slated to replace the top-line model L330E with an all-new look and stronger hydraulic performance. A new transmission, axle group and Tier 3-rated engine boosts power to 540 hp from 502 hp, but with fuel efficiency that is "a massive improvement" over with its predecessor, Volvo claims. More details will be at the show. Other F-Series loaders, as well as new breakers and new C-Series excavators, will be on display. The supplier says it may bring some surprises, too. hangsha, China-based SANY Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. will spotlight a 155-tonne, chain-drive crawler crane, which adds to a 50-tonne hydraulic crawler unit in the company's line. The SCC1500C has a modular lattice boom system that can be configured from 34.8 to 55.8 meters in length. An optional 13 to 31-m-long auxiliary boom is available. ermany-based Putzmeister AG is using Bauma to demonstrate its new One-Side Support (OSS) electronic control system for truck-mounted concrete pumps. It allows users to "shortjack" the outriggers to fit into tight work sites. Safety interlocks prevent booms from tipping over. The company also will show a new "i-DAISY" satellite-based telematic service, as well as the BSA 14000 SHP-D, a high-end stationary pump used at the Burj Dubai and now in regular production. AUER Maschinen GmbH plans to spotlight a new diaphragm wall machine, the CBC 32, and other new foundation vehicles. The CBC 32 expands onto the firm's BC 32 cutter by adding a Hose Winch System (HWS) that spools hydraulic hoses onboard the machine. The compact unit is mounted on a speciality crawler undercarriage complying with Tier 3 emissions and is suited for tight jobsites. Cuts walls up to 75 meters deep. irtgen Group will unveil a new compaction "on the fly" technology on its Hamm-brand rollers. Designed specifically for asphalt compaction, the GPS-based computer tells the operator what sections of pavement have been compacted properly, and what sections still need more work. It takes into account position, temperature and other factors to calculate and display data on a color LCD touchscreen. The system can work with multiple rollers on the job and is retrofittable on existing machines. apan-based Kobelco Cranes Ltd. will broaden its crawler crane lineup with the new hydraulically-controlled model SL6000. The new lattice-boom crawler crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 550 tonnes. Equipped with a 28-mm wire rope, the SL6000 sports a maximum line pull of 25 tonnes at 110 meters per minute. A Tier-3, clean-diesel engine delivers 429 hp to power the machine. Several of these heavy-lift units already are on back order, according to the manufacturer. An optional free-fall hoisting system on the main and auxiliary winch also is available. he Grove GTK 1100 will be on display for the first time since its announcement last year. The tower-crane-like telescopic machine sets up in 6-8 hours and is ideal for building wind farms, refineries and high-rises, says its maker. It can lift 77 tons to 394 ft, with a maximum lift height of 459 ft.