Hydraulic Demolition Attachment: Powerful Cutting Force
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Work Boots: Engineered-Leather Resists Wear and Tear
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Rammers: Makes Work Easier
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TPS/GPS System: For Nonstop Surveying
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he new CC 1700 hydraulic demolition attachment provides 220 tons of cutting force at the jaw tip, making it one of the most powerful cutters in its class, the manufacturer says. The product's single pin jaw retention design improves tool visibility for the operator and reduces the time needed to switch between sets of cutting jaws. Both universal jaws and steel cutting jaws are available. Universal jaws open 29.5 in. wide and are ideal for building demolition; steel cutting jaws open 17 in. wide and are best for steel structure demolition. his year's mild winter has been no match for a new steel-toe boot whose soft, outward appearance packs a sledgehammer-like punch. Manufactured by Stratham, N.H.-based Timberland PRO and available at Sears and other retailers, the PowerWelt steel-toe boot is made of a dark-leather upper sculpted into a handsome shape. The toe holds up under heavy wear, with a breathable welt that claims to be 10 times more rugged than traditional materials. While a direct hit from a sharp power tool might compromise the polyurethane-reinforced hide, most abrasive hazards, including rocks, glass and concrete, won't ruin the waterproof membrane. It may be tough enough for the jobsite, but it isn't a pain to wear. Purists may knock the lightweight boot's soft and flexible feel but should be surprised to find it comfortable, yet sturdy. It sports fast-tying laces and a safety sole that grabs onto ladder rungs. Men's sizes range from 7 to 15. Retail price for a 6-in. boot is $125; the Internet may turn up better deals. he new MTX-70, MTX-80 and MTX-90 gasoline-powered rammers incorporate an exclusive anti-vibration system which significantly cuts vibration, allowing greater productivity while reducing risk of injury caused by operator fatigue. The MTX-70 delivers 2,900 lb of impact force on 645-695 blows a minute, fueled by a 3-hp Honda GX100 engine. The MTX-80 produces 3,150 lb of centrifugal force, with a 3.5 hp Robin EH-12-2D engine. The MX-90, also powered by a Rob EH-12-2D engine, delivers the most force of the three, generating 3,500 lb of impact force on 660 to 700 blows per minute. ith SmartPole, it is no longer essential to identify control points in the office before searching for control in the field. Each TPS set-up can be performed with new coordinates, and orientation can be established with the GPS system. Once TPS orientations and coordinates are known, all measured points are automatically updated. TPS and GPS are always available to guarantee every point can be measured.