Showering: Conserving Water
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Sleek Sink
Sleek Sink: Unified Design

The 700 series SloanStone solid-surface lavatory system features true point-of-use sensor systems for accurate, water-conserving hand washing. Integrated overflows and grit strainers separate waste lines and protect against clogging. According to the manufacturer, the SloanStone surface withstands heat and resists stains and chemicals, and the system is easily installed and serviced. Available in both two- and three-faucet models and 24 different solid and speckled finishes.
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No Hands
No Hands: Uses Motion-Control Sensor

The hands-free Destiny faucet operates using a state-of-the-art infrared motion sensor to control it’s cascade-style water flow. The motion sensors are concealed in the base of the faucet to promote its minimalist appearance. The product is available in a traditional chrome finish.
Moen; 800-289-6636;

Modern Showerheads

Modern Showerheads: Tilting and Glowing

The Hansa2day showerhead (far left) features an articulated, chrome-plated head that is able to tilt forward to switch between a downward needle spray and an angled, cascading surge of water. Decorative panels are available in five different colors. The transparent showerhead of the Hansaclear Lux (left) reveals the flowing water, and illuminates it with bright LEDs that can be made to change color at the touch of a button. The LEDs are powered by a small, rechargeable battery pack. Hansa; 678-334-2121;

Compact Toilet
Compact Toilet: Saving Water and Space

The Sanistar one-piece, wall-hung Macerating Toilet System uses only 1.1 gallons per flush instead of the normal 1.6 gpf. With no external tank the Sanistar saves space as well, as it’s self-contained unit measures only 18 in. by 201⁄2 in. Made of vitreous china, it can be mounted with the included wall-bracket system, or built directly into the wall against 2 in. x 6 in. studs during construction.
SFA Saniflo Inc.; 800-571-8191;

he FloWise 3 Function Water Saving Showerhead exceeds current water conservation standards and may provide up to 40% water savings. The device has a default setting of 1.5 gallons per minute along with with a sperate setting for the traditional 2.5 gpm. The showerhead has three spray settings in all, including a combination spray and also features an adjustable angle.