Wheel Loader
Hydrostatic Transmission
The new WA320-5 wheel loader, featuring the manufacturer’s electronically controlled advanced technology hydrostatic transmission, is designed to handle a variety of jobs in the government, utility, construction and other markets. Powered by a turbocharged Komatsu SAA6D102E-2-A air-to-air after-cooled engine, the WA320-5 delivers a net output of 166 hp and fully complies with Tier II regulations. Other features include a traction control system and a spacious operator’s cab. Komatsu America Corp.; 847/970-5815; www.komatsuamerica.com

Stump Cutter
Fits Through Tight Openings
The SC60TX stump cutter is designed to help tree contractors and land clearing operators achieve higher performance in residential or land clearing environments. It has a 60-hp Caterpillar 3024 diesel engine, patented cutter wheel drive system and narrow profile. A 27-in. gear-driven cutter wheel can cut 16 in. deep and 69 in. wide. Vermeer Manufacturing Co.; 888/837-6337; www.vermeer.com

Boom Extension
Hydraulic Break-Under Motion
Gradall; 330-339-2211; www.gradall.com

Aerial Work Platform
QuikStik Boom
Model 1250AJP Ultra Boom aerial work platform is an articulating and telescoping unit with 63-ft, 2-in. horizontal reach; 60-ft, 7-in. up and over capability and 125-ft platform height. Features such as the JibPLUS jib boom allows the model to rotate both 130° vertically and 125° horizontally. The machine can be fitted with the manufacturer’s Quik Stik boom, which allows the platform to be lowered to the ground while the tower boom is fully raised and extended. JLG Industries Inc.; 240/420-8721; www.jlg.com

Repair Mortar
W.R. Meadows Inc.; 847/214-2100; www.wrmeadows.com

Drywall Lifts
Quick-Adjusting Lift Head
Designed with a loading height of 47 in. and quick-adjusting lift head, DL150 Panel-Jax drywall lift can raise 8 to12-ft drywall boards from 6 to 15 ft high without requiring additional mast sections. The lift comes standard with an automatic brake, in conjunction with a rack-and-pinion gearbox and heavy-duty lifting cables. Bil-Jax Inc.; 800/537-0540; www.biljax.com


Area FloodLight
Carmel 450, a T6 metal halid area/accent floodlight, is designed for architectural and landscape projects, including sign lighting. Multiple mounting options and adjustable mounting stem allow it to be used for ground, tree or surface-mounted jobs. Cooper Lighting; 404/486-4800; www.cooperlighting.com

Plastic Mesh Netting
Protects Wire, Cable and Piping
Creative Plastics & Design Inc.; 888/233-5033; www.cpdesign-inc.com

TAG Trailers
E-Z Flip Ramps
The manufacturer’s TAG Series trailers now include dual-spring E-Z Flip rear ramps. The TAG20L, a 20-ton capacity model, features a 19-ft flat deck with a 6-ft beavertail. The most recent addition to the line, model TAG20XXL, has a 22-ft flat deck and a 6-ft beavertail. All TAG 20 and 25 models have an 8° ramp and beavertail loading angle for safe loading and unloading of excavators and paving equipment. Rogers Brothers Corp.; 800/441-9880; www.rogerstrailers.com

A new 6-ft Live Boom extension attachment for the XL 4000 Series II excavators enhances boom versatility by allowing it to reach over obstacles and then down 6 ft. Equipped with a 60-in. ditching bucket, the Live Boom attachment’s break-under motion enables the boom to reach over railings, barriers and utilities, excavate side walls and reach into trucks and rail cars. Using the XL 4000 Series II models’ 220° boom tilt, the attachment also provides bucket access to hard-to-reach locations. Sealtight Meadow-Crete H2, a trowel-applied repair mortar for horizontal repairs of concrete, can be used in industrial and civil engineering applications. The mortar is suitable for both small and large areas and interior and exterior applications, as long as the concrete is a minimum of 1Ú4 in. deep. The new product is polymer-modified for enhanced bond, has low permeability and protects embedded reinforcing steel. It also contains a migrating corrosion inhibitor to enhance and protect localized and adjacent reinforcing steel. This plastic mesh netting for wire and cable installers, electrical contractors, property managers, plumbers, builders, landscapers and others is designed to surround the product in a 4-in. x 1 3/4-in. profile of protective, flexible netting. In indoor installations, the CPD mesh eliminates dangling cords and permits continuous visual access. In underground installations, it provides a safeguard against machinery.