Full-Vision Steel Cab

The new SKL873 SP wheel loader has an operating weight of 29,767 lb and a maximum breakout force of 24,425 lb. Tipping load capacity while fully articulated is 25,247 lb, with a turning radius of 18 ft, 9 in. The machine's high-performance parallel bar linkage is powered by a Perkins 140-hp, 1006-6T 6-cylinder turbo diesel and a hydrostatic, two-stage drive transmission. Additional features include a 2.87-cu-yd bucket and a removable, rubber-insulated full-vision steel cab that is accessible from both sides. Terex Construction Americas, a div. of Terex Corp.; 662/393-1209; www.terex.com

Load Sensing Hydraulic System

Designed with such features as the Load Sensing System and the manufacturer's exclusive Auto Idle System, the new KX161-3 "Tight Tail Swing" compact excavator provides versatility and a full range of operations regardless of terrain or jobsite demands, the maker says. The tail section projects a slim 4.75 in. beyond the width of the tracks while still maintaining the stability of a conventional tail swing. The machine offers a maximum digging radius at ground level of 241 in. It also has double-flanged track rollers that reduce vibration and improve balance and stability. Kubota Tractor Corp.; 888/458-2682 www.kubota.com

Low Noise and Dust Blade Block System

Designed for ease of use and convenience, the X-150 Prowler gas saw is the lightest unit in the manufacturer's concrete cutting product line-up. It weighs 84 lb and features a patented low noise and low dust blade system that allows the saw to be used in residential areas with minimal disruption, the maker claims. The X-150 is fitted with a 4.5-hp engine and is suitable for residential and light commercial applications. Soff-Cutt International; 909/272-2330; www.soffcut.com

Water-Cooled Torches

Model 15 is a rugged, precision tool with low radial clearance for GTAW welding of all pipe sizes ranging from 3-in. pipe up to an unlimited size, including flat plate. It is intended for field use in the nuclear, shipbuilding, chemical, petrochemical and construction industries where weld quality requirements are stringent and the use of the GTAW process is beneficial, the company says. The weld head features rotation, wire feed, automatic voltage control, cross-seam steering and torch oscillation. Several torch types are available. Each torch has different functions, features and dimensions. Arc Machines Inc.; 818/896-9556; www.arcmachines.com

Improved Power Rating

This portable, lightweight magnetic drill, model HMD904, has been upgraded with a higher power rating to drill large, deep holes without stalling. It weighs 27.5 lb and measures 16 7/16 in. high, 7 3/16 in. wide and 8 1/4 in. long. It has an expanded drilling capacity of up to 1 1/2 in. dia and 2-in. depth of cut. Additional improvements include a new U.S.-made Hougen motor with an electrical rating of 115V, 60 Hz and 8.0A; rear- mounted, accessible controls and a side-to-side reversible feed handle configuration. Hougen Manufacturing Inc.; 810/635-7111; www.hougen.com