Electronic Monitoring System

Model 530E is the manufacturer's first wheel loader to feature the cab mounted on the rear frame. It is powered by a 195-hp Komatsu four-cycle turbocharged diesel engine and has an electronically controlled powershift transmission that can also be operated as an automatic with the flip of a rocker switch. The 530E is a versatile machine and can be equipped with various buckets from 3.7 to 5.9 cu yd capacities. It is also designed for easy maintenance with an electronic monitoring system that assists the operator with maintenance decisions and improves machine availability. Dressta North America; 847/573-1250; www.dresstanorthamerica.com

Rapid-Return-To-Service Finishes

Sherwin-Williams Industrial and Marine Coatings group now offers General Polymers brand EnviroLastic polyurea high- performance coatings for use in the water and wastewater industries. The coatings are rapid-return-to-service finishes that allow coated substrates to be returned to use in minutes. The line includes the new AR 520PW potable water polyurea, which is USDA acceptable and UL approved to ANSI-NSF 61 standard with a minimum tank size of 50 gallons. It may be applied at temperatures as low as -20°F and in high humidity. The coating dries tack-free in as little as 45 seconds and may be used in both primary and secondary containment, including as an alternative to fiberglass liners and other mat reinforced systems. The Sherwin-Williams Co; 800/543-7694; www.generalpolymers.com

Converts to Padfoot Machine

Manufacturer introduces a drum conversion kit that transforms the smooth drum Rhino 66 vibratory dirt roller into a padfoot machine delivering the versatility of two rollers in one. The kit can be ordered separately or factory-installed. With the addition of the conversion kit, the operating weight of the Rhino 66 increases from 18,500 lb to 20,700 lb and the total applied force increases from 44,241 lb to 46,441 lb. Stone Construction Equipment Inc.; 585/229-5141; www.stone-equip.com

Inserted Tooth Design

Steel-Pro line of circular saw blades is a new, fast and efficient alternative for cutting steel on the jobsite or in the shop, the company says. The blades feature C6 carbide tips that enable smooth, burr-free cutting of a variety of ferrous metals. The firm uses tooth geometry with inserted tooth design for increased efficiency and durability. The blades are available in 71/4-in. size for power saws as well as models for low rpm chop saws and cordless saws. They also come in different tooth configurations for cutting sheet metal, roofing and siding, structural steel and even 1-in.- dia all-thread rod. Tenryu America Inc., U.S. distributor for Tenryu Saw Manufacturing Co. Ltd. of Japan; 800/951-7297; www.tenryu.com

Ready For Heavy Traffic In Minutes

FlashPatch concrete repair system is formulated to fix cracks or gaps in concrete flooring. It meets USDA requirements and works at substrate temperatures as low as 20°F. The kit is available in two sizes. The smallest will fill about 144 linear ft of cracked floor surface. The product is suitable for in-house maintenance, including spalled surfaces, patching, nonmoving cracks, level uneven grade transitions and broken joint edges. Thermal-Chem Corp.; 800/635-3773; www.prnewsbureau.com/thermalchem

Hexagonal Boom Design

Company improves the design of its 5520 telescopic service crane by implementing the hexagonal boom design in the construction of the crane. The crane's hexagonal tube boom construction, standard on all of the manufacturer's cranes, provides a stronger cross section than square tubing. This design eliminates boom flex and side-to-side movement. It has a 25,000-ft-lb capacity and a maximum lift of 5,000 lb at 5 ft. Stellar Industries Inc.; 800/321-3741; www.stellar-industries.com

Skid-Steer Loader-Mounted

This skid-steer loader-mounted post driver, the OH-100, allows contractors, landscapers, maintenance departments and others to install steel or wood fence posts. Powered by a minimum of 10 gpm, the OH-100 can drive a 4 to 5-in. post into the ground in less than 15 seconds and has the power to drive even railroad ties. It has its own 5-gal oil reservoir and can be easily maneuvered around buildings and trees. Shaver Manufacturing Co.; 712/859-3293; www.shavermfg.com