Compact wheel loader: Low Profile
Compact Wheel Loader: Low Profile
TYanmar America; 770-877-7570;
Machine Control Sensor: Making the Grade
Machine Control Sensor: Making the Grade
T Topcon Positioning Systems; 925-245-8300;
Air Compressor Pump: Durable
Air Compressor Pump: Durable
TJenny Products Inc.; 888-425-3669;
Pneumatic Blowing System: Fast Spreading
Pneumatic blowing system: Fast Spreading
T Express Blower, Inc.; 541-434-7100;


Fold-down Dump Trailer: Can Carry Palleted Loads
Fold-down dump Trailer: Can Carry Palleted Loads
D Bri-Mar;717-263-6116;


he V4-6 compact wheel loader feature a low overall height, which makes for easier unloading and loading operations in enclosed spaces, as well as lowering the loader’s center of gravity for improved stability. The V4-6 has a rated lifting capacity of 7,451 lb and is powered by a 40-hp diesel engine. Despite it’s low profile, the wheel loader has a full 10 in. of ground clearance. An optional mechanical Quick-Coupler allows for the use of most skid steer attachments. he LS-B100 series of machine control sensors allows heavy equipment operators finer control in their grading work. It features an accurate receiving resolution over a wide range, plumb indicator and an on-grade matching function. The LS-B100 series includes the LS-B100 seen here, the LS-B110 and the 110W, which has wireless display capabilities. he K Pump is a single-stage compressor pump found in wheeled-portable air compressors as well as service vehicle and compressor/generator sets. The durable, cast-iron pump features easy-access unloader pins for faster maintenance, an oil sight glass for quickly checking the oil level, and a replaceable filter in the crankcase to extend the unit’s life. he TM-45 pneumatic blower is capable of spreading a wide range of materials, including composts, mulches, soil blends, aggregates and wood chips. It is a self-contained, steel frame, aluminum box (seen mounted at right) which can be mounted on a variety of truck or trailer configurations. It is powered by a 275-hp turbo diesel Caterpillar C-7 engine, while the optional TM045MD package includes a 300-hp engine and heavier hydraulics. The TM-45 has a load level capacity of approximately 45 cu yd and uses a 4-in.-dia., 286-ft hose with a remote to allow the operator to control the flow. T610 Deckover Dump Trailer allows for both flatbed carrying and traditional dumping. The 6- x 10-ft bed has two 20-in. hinged, fold-down sides and a one-piece, removable tailgate section that allow for the loading of palleted material. It has a 6-in. tubular mainframe with 3-in. channel cross-members and a 12-gauge steel bed. To improve maneuverability in confined areas, the wheels are located underneath the bed, and the hydraulic dumping system comes with a 20-ft corded remote control. It also features a full-length tarp rail and is available in a choice of six different colors.