Extra Depth and Hand-Free Opening
New deeper door design, expanded from 1 to 3 in. , is one of the key improvements to the JobMaster tool storage cabinet series. The doors each include two shelves, welded in place. A foot latch allows hands-free opening of the cabinet doors. The Watchman IV single-lock, which is a high-strength, dead-bolt-style, three-point latching system helps keep tools secure. Units are constructed of precision-formed heavy-gauge steel and come in six different models. KNAACK MANUFACTURING CO.; 800/456-7865;

Razor-Sharp Tiger Teeth
The Severe Slab Crab is an attachment for excavators in the 40,000 to 400,000-lb class range. It is built to handle the most severe demolition jobs, according to the company. The unit is constructed from high-alloy, abrasion-resistant steel and features heavy-duty vertical wear bars, reinforced gusseted sides and razor sharp tiger teeth. The slab crab can accommodate slabs from 4 to 24 in. KENCO; 724/238-3387;

Hydraulic Controls
Terex American introduces model HC 60, a 60-ton machine with a maximum lift crane boom length of 160 ft and a maximum lift crane boom and jib length of 170 ft. It features hydraulic-over-hydraulic controls that activate propel, swing and hoist, two identical independent main and auxiliary load hoisting drums as well as an 197 BHP Cummins turbocharged aftercooled diesel engine. AMERICAN CRANE CORP.; 910/395-8500;

Fast Set-Up and Take Down
Available in 6, 8 and 12-yd capacities, these high-performance tilt-up mixers are designed for fast set-up and take down. Each mixer has a removable nose cone and an optional installed maintenance platform for easy service access. Features include a single-pivot tilt point, a full 60û tilt and a double-speed drum return. All standard drum configurations include 12 mixing blades and four capacity blades. REXCON; 414/351-8181;

36 and 48-In. Models
Two new ride-on-trowels have been added to the CRT (Concrete Ride-On-Trowel) line. Model CRT 36-24A-H is a 36-in. unit. Model CRT 48-31V-H is 48 in. and offers two, five-blade rotors and two spray retardant nozzles. Both machines feature an overlapping and nonoverlapping operation on the same machine. By changing the blade position on the trowel arm, the models can be reconfigured in minutes to accommodate the job. WACKER; 262/257-4131;

Multiple Drywall Applications
A new autofeed screw system for use in drywall installation and metal framing in light construction applications has a lightweight design and fits into tighter work areas. The P13KUE comes with a removable universal extension that provides the flexibility of a two-in-one unit. Besides using the unit as a standard shorter length tool to screw 1 to 3 in. screws, with little tool configuration it also can be fitted with a long extension to give the user the capability to use in a standing position. The tool can reduce construction times by up to 50% when compared to traditional methods of hanging drywall, claims the maker. PAM FASTENING; 704/394-3141;

Eliminates Excessive Drilling
A new tool to aid in the removal of core samples from roadway construction projects is now available. CoreSnap allows the contractor to remove a drilled sample from a roadbed at or below the tackline without prying or drilling completely through the old roadbed. Coresnap works quite simply, the maker says. Place the tool so it seats down over a normally cut core and tighten the binding bolt with a 1Ú2-in. drive socket/ratchet. Then, a quick lateral motion of the handle breaks the core sample away from the older mat beneath, allowing the core to be removed easily. CoreSnap has been tested and not only reduces labor costs involved in core removal, but also reduces core bit usage and costs. HUMBOLDT MFG. CO.; 847/299-3358;