Precision-Designed Reflectors
A new line of premier low-profile architectural luminaires, called Aeries, comes in two sizes with a choice of five different distribution types. The smaller Aeris 1 is suitable for walkways, pathways and common areas, while the Aeries 2 can be used in open parking areas, entry drives and roadways. They feature high performance optics and precision-designed reflectors that result in low energy consumption and light that is free of stripes and striations, claims the maker. In addition, all reflectors are interchangeable and rotatable in 90û increments. LITHONIA LIGHTING; 770/922-9000;

Quiet Mitsubishi Diesel Engine
Model CK2000 with a 200-ton lift capacity is the latest addition to the manufacturer's CK series of lattice-boom hydraulic crawler cranes. When fitted with an optional, heavy-duty boom-tip attachment, the machine offers a maximum lifting capacity of 400,000 lb. The CK2000 also is equipped with forced-circulation, oil-cooled, wet-type multi-disc brakes; an optional luffing jib and the company's LMI system that displays accurate, real-time information of current load status on a large LCD color screen. KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY AMERICA LLC; 281/240-4800;

Challenges Polyesters and Vinyl Esters
Manufacturer has developed a 100% solids, solvent-free, structural, epoxy acrylate hybrid anchoring gel for cold-weather chemical anchoring. The product, called Pro-Poxy 400, has been engineered to excel at temperatures below 20û F in water-filled hole applications and on projects requiring minimal downtime. According to the maker, it requires no pre-heating and will cure at temperatures below 0û F. The characteristics of epoxy acrylate hybrids meet all structural components of ASTM-C881, the standard specification for epoxy-resin-base bonding systems for concrete. UNITEX; 800/821-5846;

Reads and Captures Engine Data
QuickCheck II, a new system for Palm or HandEra handheld devices, is designed to easily read and capture engine, transmission and brake system information from electronic diesel engines. The kit includes a custom datalink adapter, all necessary interface cables and connectors and the diagnostic software application. The product now covers all diesel engine broadcasts, including SAE J1939 and J1587 data. By using the parameter screen on the Palm handheld device, a range of engine functions can be checked in real time. CUMMINS INC.; 888/329-2305;

Composed of Selected Cements
Sealtight Futura-15 is a one-step, cementitious structural repair mortar designed for horizontal applications. It is composed of selected cements, graded sands and chemical additives that help produce a rapid-setting structural repair mortar even in cold-weather conditions without the aid of chloride or gypsum-based accelerators, claims the provider. Applications include structural patching of concrete pavements, bridges, parking decks, airport runways and taxiways. It also can be used for repair of industrial floors, expansion joint nosings and more. W.R. MEADOWS INC.; 800/342-5976;

Stores More Than 150 Readings
Designed to determine moisture content in sand, gravel, crushed stone and other aggregates, the James Trident T-90 moisture meter features the latest microwave technology. Equipped with five-pronged sensor, the unit measures the dielectric constant of the material under test. Changes in water content directly effect the sensor output that the integrated microprocessor converts and displays as percentage of dry weight. The instrument is pre-calibrated for both sand and aggregates, but it can be programmed by the user to measure moisture in up to 10 different materials. NDT JAMES INSTRUMENTS INC.; 800/426-6500;

Fully Automatic and Self-Leveling
The RL-H3C self-leveling laser is for elevation and machine control applications. It provides a 600-rpm rotation speed and an accuracy of + or - 15 arc second. The unit features an automatic shut-off whenever the laser is bumped and up to 60 hours of uninterrupted performance on four C batteries. To work as a compliment to the rl-h3c, the maker includes the ls-70c receiver, equipped with a proportional LCD display showing grade information, an audible grade signal, a quick-release clamp and more. TOPCON POSITIONING SYSTEMS INC.; 800/443-4567;