Pump Line Replacement
Extra-Strength Grates

3812Multiquip Inc.; 800/421-1244; www.multiquip.com

Tire System
Easy Doorway Access

Stone Construction Equipment Inc.; 585/229-5141; www.stone-equip.com

Low Profile, Narrow Side Clearance

Power Pavers Inc., a division of Power Curbers Inc.; 704/647-6133; www. powercurbers.com

High-Dump Hook-All Hooklift
Dual Lift Cylinders

Automated Waste Equipment Co.; 609/588-5400; www.americanrolloff.com Mayco�s LS Series concrete pumps, including three new models, offer volume outputs from 40 to 60 cu yd per hour and handle aggregate from / to 1 / in. in diameter. The LS Series, which replaces the ST Series, boasts vertical and horizontalpumping distances up to 300 ft and 1,200 ft, respectively. All models come standard with a hopper remixer, a 10-cu-ft hopper capacity, hydraulic oil cooler and 6 by 36-in. concrete cylinders. One improvement from the predecessor ST Series is the extra-strength grates with reinforced splash covers. Quick-Release tire system is designed for Stone�s Lift Jockey LJS2000 material handler. It allows the operator to add or remove outer tires providing easy access through doorways. With this patent-pending option, the LSJ2000 can be converted from a 34.5-in.-wide handler to a 46.5-in.-wide handler. It does not require any special tools to remove the outer tires and hubs. The SF 2700 slipform paver is for primary and secondary road construction jobs. The machine can pave roads up to 32 ft wide with integral curbs on one or both sides. It also has the ability to pave depths from 0 to 16 in. on the go, with no changes required to the machine or interruptions to the paving process. The SF2700 changes widths quickly and easily. No disassembly is required with the 12-ft-long tracks to transport the machine from job to job. American Roll-off, maker of Hook-All hooklifts, introduces a high-dump hooklift�model HA-175. The 17,500-lb-capacity, dual-pivot unit can be used on a 25,900 GVW non-CDL chassis and allows the user to switch between bodies such as a dump body, salt spreader or flatbed. It features dual lift cylinders and operates at 2,800 psi.