Cordless Drill/Drivers
High Torque
Hilti Inc.; 800-363-4458;

Rubber Tire Tracks
Five Layers of Rubber
McLaren Industries; 800-836-0040;
Weight Distribution Hitch
Sway Control Platform
Valley Industries; 800-344-3112;
High Horsepower Trowels
New Pitch Control and Handle Options
Wacker: 262-257-4131;
Seventy-Ton Addition
Case Construction Equipment; 262-994-5084;
Structural Wall Sheathing
New 10-ft Size
Temple-Inland Inc.; 800-424-2311;

Hydraulic-Electronic Steering
Manitowoc Crane Corp.; 920-683-6510; The SFH 151-A and the SF 151-A cordless drill/drivers are among the 15.6-volt tools. Featuring a high torque rating of 619 in.-lb, finely controllable in 15 settings, both models can handle any project ranging from hammer drilling to sawing holes and driving screws. They include 100% all-metal gearing and the C 7/24 rapid charger, which can charge a 2.0 amp-hour NiCd battery in approximately 30 minutes. The SFH 151-A is a three-speed hammer drill/driver. The SF 151-A is a two-speed drill driver. These heavy-duty rubber tire tracks, called Next Generation Series, are designed to handle any adverse surface conditions. They are available for more than 2,400 makes and models of construction equipment. Three track styles are offered, for friction, positive and gear-driven systems, and provide strength to handle up to 30% more weight than competitive models. This round bar weight distributing hitch, #70360, is for towing heavy-duty loads. It is rated for up to 1,700 lb tongue weight and 15,000 lb gross trailer weight. The hitch fits 21⁄2-in. receivers and allows for 8 in. total height adjustment with a 55⁄8-in. rise and 23⁄8-in. drop. The hitch is designed with a dual sway control platform that helps reduce trailer swing when changing lanes or making sudden stops. Company introduces three walk-behind trowels that feature higher horsepower engines. The CT 36-9 has a 9-hp Wacker engine. Models CT 36-8A and CT 48-11A are equipped with 8-hp and 11-hp Honda engines, respectively. The new units include the patented gyroscopic safety sensor, gearbox brake and engine limiter that protects the operator from a runaway handle situation. Also, the newly designed Pro-Shift pitch control offers the operator infinitely variable transition for smooth pitch control and an adjustable handle easily positions to the operator’s height. Manufacturer introduces its new CX700, a 70-metric ton excavator that is powered by a high-performance, fuel-efficient Isuzu engine that is Tier III certified. With an operating weight of 153,400 lb and 425-net hp, the CX700 digs to 31 ft, 11 in. and reaches to 46 ft, 11 in. at ground line. New on the CX700 is a switch that allows the operator to give priority to either the boom or the swing functions. It is equipped with retractable side frames and an optional counterweight removal device for easier transport. FiberBrace structural wall sheathing is now available in 10-ft lengths. This extended length, which joins the 4 x 8-ft and 4 x 9-ft sizes with thicknesses of 1⁄2 in. and 25⁄32 in., allows builders to apply the sheathing from the bottom plate to the top of the upper floor joists without cutting or piecing on floors with 9-ft ceilings. The structural wall sheathing offers noise reduction and insulation R-value of 1.22, which is 20 to 50% higher than OSB or plywood. Grove introduces three new all-terrain cranes. Largest of the models is the GMK5275, called GMK5220 outside the U.S. This five-axle crane has a capacity rating of 275 tons and a 68-m main boom. It also features the newly enhanced MEGAFORM boom as well as a stronger, lighter carrier incorporating a new hydraulic-electronic steering system.