Nitrogen tire inflation
Maintains Tire Pressure Longer
Vehicle Inspection Systems Inc.; 800-219-6256;

Hydraulically Controlled Extensions
BOMAG Americas Inc.; 309/853-3571;
Good Mobility Both on and off Paved Surfaces
The Gradall Co., a wholly owned subs. of JLG Industries Inc.; 330-339-2211;
Plaster/Mortar Mixer
For Use at Virtually Any Location
Multiquip Inc.; 800/421-1244;
Management Solution
Mobile Construction Assets
Trimble; 937-245-5650; A new high-performance nitrogen tire inflation system, called VIS-Nitro, helps fleet operators reduce maintenance costs and improve tire life. An inflation controller on VIS-Nitro automates tire top-ups, eliminates the need for handheld pressure gauges, improves inflation accuracy and can fill four commercial tires simultaneously. All the technician has to do is clip the four chucks on, set the pressure and walk away. The machine beeps when it�s done. It also has an automated purge cycle that vents air from within an inflated tire and replaces it with high purity nitrogen. The new 815-2 commercial-class asphalt paver features an exclusive load-sensing hydraulic system that delivers power only when needed. It is built with the new Unimat 2 screed assembly that offers standard paving widths between 8 ft and 15 ft. The unit has a low deck configuration with dual operator� stations and maintains paving speeds up to 180 ft per minute. Model XL 4300-II is a new hydraulic excavator in the 45,000-lb class. It offers the combined advantages of a tilting, telescoping boom as well as good wheeled mobility both on and off paved surfaces, the manufacturer says. One feature on the XL 4300-II is the XL Series high-pressure, load-sensing hydraulics. Without the need for operators to select an appropriate working mode, or wasting fuel by working in the wrong mode, the model�s advanced hydraulic system automatically provides the appropriate boom forces. The WM120SHHDS hydraulic mixer is a new 12-cu-ft capacity stationary plaster/mortar mixer that eliminates the axle interference on tow-behind mixers. This, along with standard forklift pockets, allows a forklift to pick up, and safely move the unit without delay. Also, the model�s stationary design means there are no wheels to work around. Plus its stabilizer jacks are retractable and height adjustable for use at virtually any location. The Construction Asset Management solution for the European market is specifically designed for managing mobile and onsite construction assets, such as dump trucks, fuel trucks and machines. The system uses GPS-based positioning hardware installed on a construction asset and the European GSM/GPRS wireless network to provide position information to a secure data server. The assets can be displayed on different map types, including topographic maps, street maps and aerial photography.