Integrated Saw and Drill Package
The SkySaw package, part of JLG's Workstation in the Sky accessory product line, integrates a concrete wall saw system into an aerial work platform. It mounts on a JLG 60-ft boom lift and uses an on-board hydraulic manipulator that holds the saw and guides it along a bolt-on track for precision cuts. The SkySaw can be combined with the SkyCleaner, an on-board pressure washer with a water line running through the power track. It includes two 150-gal chassis-mounted water tanks and a cleaning wand with an adjustable nozzle that can operate up to 3,500 psi. JLG INDUSTRIES INC.; 240/420-8721;.

Single-Person Operation
Contractors and municipalities can use this new skid steer loader Slab Crab for rebuilding driveways and sidewalks. It can be operated by one person and allows the user to saw cut and remove concrete slabs cleanly without disturbing sub-base, says the company. The skid steer Slab Crab weighs 650 lb and can accommodate slabs ranging from 4 to 8 in. thick. Also added to the firm's product line of attachments is the low-profile Slab Crab. It is designed for applications such as bridges and tunnels and can accommodate slabs from 4 to 20-in. thick. KENCO CORP.; 724/238-3387;

In Place and Ready-To-Use
Airmate SCBAG is a self-contained breathing apparatus that is NIOSH-approved for entry into and escape from confined spaces. The SCBAG is stored in a unique, reversible carrying bag that opens to form a vest with the system in place and ready to use. 3M OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY DIVISION; 800/328-1667;

Smaller Size
The PT line of 2-in. centrifugal trash pumps used for dewatering jobsites has been redesigned to offer new features. The new line consists of three models that are about 20% smaller and about 20% lighter
than the previous pumps. They feature a threaded-on, radial-flow impeller that provides consistent high volume with greater head. Models PT2A, PT2V and PT2H weigh 96 lb, 107 lb and 131 lb, and are powered by a 5.5-hp Honda engine,
a 6-hp Vanguard engine and a 4.6-hp Hatz diesel engine, respectively. All 2-in. pumps can pump up to 210 gallons of water per minute with solids up to 1 in. in diameter. They also offer easy access to the pump housing. WACKER CORP.; 262/257-4131; e-mail:

Anti-Vibration Control
Model D25900K heavy-duty electric SDS Max demolition hammer has a 14-amp motor with anti-vibration control. Featuring a variable-speed impact-control setting and hard-hitting hammer mechanism, the tool produces 3.7 to 18.5 ft per lb. of impact energy and can be adjusted from 1,020 to 2,040 blows per minute. It has a large rear rubber handle that can be held with two hands and a convenient lock-on-rocket switch. Model D25900K is for concrete, demolition, plumbing, electrical, HVAC and waterproofing applications. DEWALT; 800/433-9258;

Continuous Anchorage Connector
Newly introduced Xenon horizontal cable lifeline system provides hands-free fall protection. It uses a shuttle connector that automatically bypasses intermediate supports without disconnecting from the lifeline and slides freely along the entire length of the system. The versatile design of the system permits installation on a variety of configurations. These include straight or curved, multiple bends, floors, ridgelines or frontal posts. A worker is attached to the system using a shock-absorbing lanyard and full-body harness. The product is engineered to comply with OSHA, CSA and CE regulations. SOLL AMERICAS; 866/289-7655;