The PM-300 device enables real-time measurement of the size of particles emitted by internal combustion engines in 100 nm increments down to 300 nm. Exhaust is drawn through the analyzer through a heated sample line and a temperature-controlled, multistage mini diluter system equipped with high-precision mass flow. It generates a line of curves, each representing a specific particle size over the full operating range of the instrument. Analyzer is designed for stationary, portable and in-use, on-road applications. Sensors Inc.; 734/429-2100;

Promotes Cleaner Jobsite
Walk-behind saws, models JS-90 and JS-110, are designed for joint cleanout, concrete sawing and trench cutting. Both units feature a blade guard made with upcut rotation to allow for easy dust extraction and quick connection to a dust-collection system for a virtually dust- free work area. The saws are capable of cutting to a maximum depth of 3 in. and cleaning joints at a rate of 20 to 60 ft per minute depending on the application and the material being cut. Sawtec, A division of USF Surface Preparation Group; 281/431-0581;

Variety of Configurations
The Big Island drive-on washwater collection and recycling system is a self-cleaning unit. It comes in a variety of configurations with a range of filtration options to suit specific application requirements. The Big Island is a safe and efficient wash area for removing dirt, sludge, grease and grime off equipment up to 60,000 lb per axle. It continuously cleans and recycles the washwater back to the external pressure washer or steam cleaner for reuse. Pressure Island; 704/895-4060;

A new wastewater treatment system, called ElectroClear, is designed to treat extra-complex waste streams. The system uses electrocoagulation, an electricity-based technology which can be used on-site. ElectroClear is suitable for applications including heavy equipment washing, marinas, military wash operations, groundwater remediation and more. The EC system is fully automated. There are no filters to clean and it is capable of handling waste stream flows of up to 50 gal per minute and higher. Landa Water Cleaning Systems; 800/547-8672;

Custom Engineered
This sealed body system for Caterpillar D300D trucks has been custom engineered to offer a solution for reducing airborne dust and dust spillage as material is transported and dumped. The system is comprised of a number of components that work together to create a reliable, self-contained system for hauling and controlling fine material. The system can be built for most makes/models of articulated trucks to meet the needs of operations with unique materials and material densities. Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc.; 309/697-9200;

Turbine-Style, Jet Engine Design
Designed for construction companies involved in excavations, demo work, large pipe jobs, large manholes and similar confined spaces, the GME Jet Stream Ventilation System helps eliminate hazardous atmospheres and provides safety and better environments for workers. It features a turbine-style ventilation system similar to jet engine designs and capable of 5,000 to 14,000-cu-ft-per-minute ventilation. It has a diesel-powered Perkins engine and is mounted on a trailer that meets all state and federal highway safety standards. Griswold Machine and Engineering Inc.; 800/248-2054;

New Honda Engine
The Cretemower line of concrete grinders, including model CG100, is now equipped with an 11-hp Honda engine. The equipment is used to grind, smooth and clean excess concrete off any dry or hardened surface or slab, according to the maker. Additional features include an easy-access, remote-mounted throttle located on the handle bar for better operator control in adjusting the engine and blade speed, as well as a high-quality industrial diamond mowing head available with 10 or 20 segments. Stone Construction Equipment Inc.; 585/229-5141;

Low Exhaust Emissions
Model EH025, a mini four-cycle overhead valve engine, offers a power source for handheld equipment. The engine is lightweight for easy operator handling. Engineered to minimize emissions and exceed industry regulations, the unit produces only 10% of the THC-Nox emissions found with conventional two-cycle engines and exceeds both EPA Phase 2 and CARB Tier II emission regulations. The combustion system produces less exhaust smoke and odors than two-cycle engine alternatives. Robin America Inc., a subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries; 630/350-8200;