Hypoid and Circular Saws: Lighter Weight
TMakita USA, Inc.; 800-462-5482; www.makitatools.com

Attachments: For Demolition and Recycling
TTramac Corp.; 800-526-3837; www.muscle-mate.com

Utility Telehandler: Offers Multitasking Capabilities
TManitou North America; 800-433-3304; www.us.manitou.com

Cable Management System: Self-Supporting
M Cabofil; 800-658-4641; www.cabofil.com

Hydraulic Couplings: High Pressure Screw
THolmbury Ltd.; 866-465-6287; www.holmburyUSA.com

Cold Weather package: For Diesel Driven Pumps
TThompson Pump; 800-767-7310; www.thompsonpump.com

Crane: Class-Leading Reach
TAuto Crane Co.; 918-836-0463; www.autocrane.com

Sanding Discs: Razor Sharp
AMicroplane; 800-555-2667; www.microplane.com

Platform System: Extremely Versatile
TUnited Scaffolding; 866-236-4833; www.unitedscaffold.com

he new 71/4-in. Magnesium Hypoid Saw (model 5377MG) and the 71/4-in. Magnesium Circular Saws with LED light (model 5007MG) or LED light and electric brake (model 5007MGA) feature durable magnesium components and a powerful 15 AMP Makita-built industrial motor. The use of magnesium allowed the manufacturer to develop a more rigid platform while shaving almost 1 lb from the 5007MG's final weight and 2 lbs from the 5377's weight. ramac announces a new selection of Muscle Mate brand excavator attachments. These hydraulic demolition and specialty attachments include rotational sorting grapples for tough demolition and recycling jobs, universal processors, crusher/pulverizers and mobile rail cutters. Demolition shears (shown) are used for cracking and shearing heavily reinforced concrete beams and panels. he MT 732 utility telehandler has enough capacity and lift height for construction jobsites and a reinforced boom capable of taking on loader jobs on farms or municipality settings. The product has a Tier II Perkins 84 hp naturally aspirated engine, plus new "Load Placing System" joystick controls that feature dual linked joysticks that provide both lift-and-place construction controls and agricultural-style loader controls on the same piece of equipment. anufacturer presents Under Floor Cable Management System for power and data, which allows a mix of both 2-ft and 10-ft sections. The solid, heavy-gauge system can be installed in either new or existing raised-access flooring, and offers easy installation under existing floors. By dropping in the components through tile openings and snapping the product into place, the need for time-consuming cutting, splicing or fastening is eliminated. he new line of RoFlex 5000 Series hydraulic couplings are ideal for very severe shear and breaker applications. They can be connected and disconnected under pressure and have a one-year warranty against leakage. The product can be used in demolition, construction, off-highway and other applications where tools, implements and other hydraulic attachments need to be connected or disconnected quickly. he Arctic Knight system helps eliminate traditional problems that occur when operating pumps in cold climates, such as frozen liquids in the pump, cracked pump housings and engine starting problems. The system works via a self-contained thermostat-controlled heating system that operates from the on-board fuel supply to maintain the temperature inside the enclosure, which keeps the pumping unit ready for action. The product allows the pump to operate in temperatures from -40° F to 110° F. he new 70,000 ft/lb 14,005H model truck-mounted telescoping crane features an FM remote and tethered pendant, full power extension to over 30 ft, a two-speed rotation mechanism and 60 ft/minute line speed. new line of 5-in. random orbital stainless steel sanding discs feature the sharpest blades on the market, manufacturer says. Available in Coarse (36-40 Grit), Medium (80 Grit) and Fine (120 Grit) versions, the sanding discs remove wood five times faster and last seven times longer than traditional sandpaper due to Microplane's patented blade technology. Each of the discs is equipped with hundreds of rust-resistant razor sharp cutting planes that allow for smooth sanding finishes even when cutting cross-grain. he new Altrex suspended platform system offers a number of components that are easy to assemble, making it simple to adjust platforms to fit irregularly shaped structures. Unlike stage boards that come in a few sizes, the system features 3-ft aluminum boards that lock together to form platforms in various sizes and shapes. In addition, the system features a high load capacity of 2,000 lb and built-in safety features such as guardrails and handrails.