Pile Dynamics Inc.; 216-831-6131; www.pile.com

Luffing Jib Crane: Compact
Wolffkran AG; 41 41 727 50 20; www.wolffkran.com

CLASS 8 TRUCK: Designed for Driver Comfort
TFreightliner Trucks; 800-385-4357; www.DriveCascadia.com


The new 3D-R1 remote provides an electronic eye in dangerous and inhospitable environments. Using state-of-the-art laser scanning units combined with wire- less communications and advanced robotic technology, the robot can create a 3D map of the surrounding area. The robot can be deployed in any envi- ronment where a risk to personnel may be present including earth- quake zones, fire-damaged buildings or hostage situations. Originally, the 3D-R1 remote was designed for use in under- ground mining operations to reduce the risk to the survey operator and improve operation efficiencies. It is less than a square meter and is light, portable and easy to use, accord- ing to the manufacturer. 3D Laser Mapping; 44 (0) 870 442 9400; www.3dlasermapping.com

GENERATOR: DieselFuel-Powered

The H-Series diesel fuel- powered generator sets range from 20 kW to 565 kW and are available in both open and sound-atten- uated enclosures that are painted with high-quality, industrial-grade, power- coated paint. Other features include rounded corners for a sleek look and safety con- cerns, ultra-quiet operation to 62 db, and aluminum hardware to withstand heavy-duty use and extreme weather. The generators utilize Perkins engines, Stamford Newage alterna- tors and Deep Sea control panels. Triton Power; 800-424-0007; www.tritonpower.com

The PAX, a new model of Pile Driving Analyzer, is portable, battery operated and weighs only 10 lb. Its display doubles up as its control panel and keyboard and offers extremely high vis- ibility in all lighting conditions. The new device will offer remote data trans- mission capability via broadband internet. Firms that specialize in PDA test- ing services will have the ability to keep their engineers in the office, send only the instrument to the jobsite and use the PDA software to monitor the load test in an office computer. The Wolff 355 B is a top-slewing luffing jib crane with a load moment of 5,100 kNm, which can be installed to operate on either a stationary or flexi-ble basis. The crane fits into most elevator shafts and can be easily used for internal climbing. he Cascadia is a new Class 8 truck for on-highway applications. Built from an entirely new platform, it delivers significant fuel savings and is styled with a quiet and comfortable cab, in addition to ergonomic con- trols. The truck was specifically construct- ed with driver comfort in mind, and offers a 3% improvement in fuel economy over previous models. Other features include double door and window seals and improved engine and cab mounts.