Telescoping crane
Telescoping Crane: Electrically-Powered

The 5005i telescoping electric crane is the most powerful model in a line of cranes intended for lighter lifting situations, including utility work and railroad applications. It has a lifting capacity of 5,000 lb and a maximum horizontal reach of 16 to 20 ft, depending on installed options. It is powered by a 12 V power source, and an integrated circuit board provides arc suppression, preventing the forming of welds on contact points during extended usage. Iowa Mold Tooling; 800-717-1177;

Cleaning Wastewater: Efficient Nutrient Removal
Cleaning Wastewater

Intended for municipal-level water treatment, the Centrol Filter System is a gravity filtration system that uses enhanced nutrient removal to reduce levels of nutrient pollution in wastewater. The cluster design reduces the overall footprint, while a built-in backwash supply eliminates the need for backwash pumping. Siemens Water Technologies Corp.; 800-525-0658;

Air Compressor: Easily Transported
Air Compressor

Both the VHP40RMD and VHP40RMG models of diesel-powered air compressors provide air delivery of 40 cu ft per minute at a rated operating pressure of 175 lb psi. Powered by a three-cylinder diesel engine, each air compressor is self-cooling. They are designed to fit on standard utility trucks without any special attachments, and feature single-point lifting bails for easy transfer between vehicles. Ingersol Rand; 800-247-7378;

Counterbalanced Lift Truck: Less Downtime
Counterbalanced Lift Truck

The S80-120FT (cushion tire) and H80-120FT (pneumatic tire) models of sit-down, counterbalanced lift trucks have a durable power train design, industrial-strength electronics and enhanced hydraulics which the manufacturer claims can reduce overall maintenance downtime by up to 30%. The lift truck is powered by a 3.4 L V6 engine, and features accessible parts and extensive onboard diagnostics to cut down on repair time. Hyster Co.; 800-497-8371;

Sludge Disposal: Self-Contained Decanter
Self-Contained Decanter

The ALDEC G2-115 Environmental Decanter is a high-performance dewatering centrifuge capable of handling capacities of 3,000 kg per hour of sludge, and can accept a wide range of flow rates. The decanter’s compact, modular design features a single, easy-access cover for both the bowl access and the main motor. The model’s design and wear-resistant stainless steel components allow for continuous operation. Optimized power consumption and streamlined performance lower overall de­watering costs. Alfa Laval Inc.; 866-253-2528;