Telescoping Arm
Fume Extraction
The Lincoln Electric Co.; 888-355-3213;

Slab Buster
A Single Blow Rubblizes Concrete
The Hammerhead II Model HB 550 is a totally self-contained hydraulic concrete slab buster that can be easily mounted on a skid-steer, mini-excavator or loader/backhoe. It is designed to demolish concrete flatwork such as floors, driveways, bridge decks and roadways up to 12-in. thick. The concrete is rubblized at a 45˚ angle from the point of impact. Allied Construction Products LLC; 216-431-2600;

Three-Layer Absorbent Tarp
Stops Spills from Spreading
Ultra Tech International Inc.; 800-353-1611;
Protective Coatings
Severe Wastewater Environments
Tnemec Co. Inc.; 800-863-6321;
Underground Light Option
Geotech Data
Maptek/KRJA Systems Inc.; 303-763-4919;
Trench Drain
Solves Road Flooding Problems
ACO Polymer Products Inc.; 440-285-7000;

Replaceable Universal Bucket Teeth
This rugged harrow rake is designed for moving material, site preparation and finish grading. It features dual heat- treated steel ripper shanks that can be quickly lowered to a depth of 7 in. to loosen hard-packed areas, says the maker. A dozer blade extension adds an additional 4 in. of height for moving material out front. The rake is available in three models�6 ft, 7 ft and a 44-in. version for walk behinds. Daniel Mfg. Inc.; 309-963-4227;

The LFA 2.0 telescopic fume extraction arm is one of three new products added to the manufacturer�s line of welding fume environmental systems. It features a low-vacuum arm that provides ease of positioning in a small package, making it ideal for stationary work stations and instructional facilities. The LFA 2.0 also has a 360� rotating hood and a range of 6.5 ft. Optional features include an automatic start/stop function and a convenient work lamp. New spill containment products help meet NPDES and SPCC regulations. The Ultra-Absorbent Tarp is used under machinery and equipment to catch fluid leaks during maintenance or repairs. It features a three-layer system that provides maximum protection. The Ultra-SpillBerm Plus is a polyurethane berm that helps contain or divert spills away from storm drains, water inlets, equipment and other sensitive areas. The material weeps into small cracks and crevices to seal off liquid flow. A new fiber-reinforced coating formulation offers resistance to impact, abrasion and H2S permeation in severe wastewater environments. The fiber reinforcement adds flexural and tensile strength to the new Series 436 Perma-Shield FR, making it suitable for use in domestic wastewater systems such as sewer interceptors and wet wells, influent channels, grit chambers and other headworks facilities. This spray-applied, high-build liner provides new construction and rehabilitative concrete corrosion protection. The I-SITE Laser Imaging System can now be used in underground operations, the manufacturer says. A new underground light option for 4400 scanners enables scanning in previously unattainable terrain. The light mounts directly to the top of the scanner and is powered by a separate 12 VDC battery. The underground line light illuminates the scene being photographed to allow for digital draping of underground rock faces and drifts in total darkness. Manufacturer introduces a system of trench drain products that are engineered solely for the unique design and performance demands of surface drainage on highways, urban roads and bridges. The ACO ROAD family of products includes TraffikDrain, an advanced trench drain system that is installed on the side of the road running parallel with the flow of traffic. It uses grates with large liquid intake slots, and a smooth internal polymer-concrete cavity that delivers good hydraulic performance. Together, these features work to collect and evacuate stormwater to eliminate road flooding.