Robot: Latest Hydrodemolition Model
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Underlayment: Self-Leveling

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Solar Cube: Runs on Natural Energy
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Floor Saw Series: Anti-Vibration
H Husqvarna Construction; 913-928-1000;

he Conjet Robot 364 MPA can remove concrete from numerous surfaces, with minimal set-up time. Reaching up to 19.7 ft above and 16.4 ft to the side with an improved multipurpose arm, the robot can operate with a reaction force equivalent to a water jet generated by a 550-kW high-pressure water pump. The product includes hydraulically height-adjustable steering wheels, and is electrically powered so it can be used in tunnels and parking garages without producing any exhaust gases. anufacturer introduces Ultraplan Easy, a fast-setting, self-leveling underlayment. This product greatly reduces the need for mechanical surface profiling of concrete before floor coverings are installed, thereby lowering cost per square foot of installation by a significant amount. Additionally, Ultraplan Easy is LEED-compliant and helps to contribute valuable points toward LEED-certified projects. olar Cube uses solar and wind power to provide clean drinking water and emergency electricity. The system can purify water from any source, and is able to turn up to 1,500 gallons of seawater a day or nearly 3,500 gallons of polluted fresh water a day into clean drinking water. The cube is powered by a built-in bank of 24-volt batteries which are charged by solar panels and a wind generator. The batteries have a charge that lasts for 24 hours and works continuously as long as there is sun or wind. A self-maintained system, the product is able to clean its own filters and will last for a minimum of seven years. Currently, Solar Cube is being used in remote villages in Pakistan, Venezuela and Africa. usqvarna has launched three new floor saw series—FS 300, FS 400 and FS 500—that are ergonomic, simple to use, and have a patent-pending anti-vibration system. A sealed bladeshaft and a raise and lowering system assisted with a gas cylinder or springs are some of the refinements.