I suggest we place our trust in our youth.  

I recently attended the Annual DBIA (Design Build Industry Association) Conference in Las Vegas. I was told that this year’s Theme was “the need to bring in the next generation.” Recognizing a catchy phrase when I hear it, I began taking notes. “We have experienced older members and we have new graduates, but we have a void in the middle. Who is going to take over when we elders retire?”  

Well DBIA, to its credit, brings a whole bunch of students to their annual conventions, and a whole morning is devoted to discussions relating to construction management curricula. And these programs, led by devoted professors, such as Dr. Barbara Jackson of California Polytechnic State University, are creating a new breed of graduates, with both book learning and practical advice (and often practical experience).  

So while these new graduates look so very young, I suggest that we trust to the education, training and advice that they have acquired from us. I am certain they are more prepared to lead and manage our projects than I was when first handed that responsibility; and suspect the same compared with most readers of this blog.  

What say you? Do you feel comfortable handing control over to our new graduates?  


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