On Route 9 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, the giant Borders bookstore closed a few years ago when the overall company imploded.  I love bookstores, and for me this closure was very disappointing.  We had just won a big bridge job down the road, and I would be driving to Shrewsbury frequently to work on the job.  Almost the day we won the job, the store closed and the books were burned (figuratively).  So I would drive forlornly to the hill where the Borders sign mockingly poked the horizon, inviting me to stop and browse the books.  But once I got there, the store was empty and the cupboards were bare. 

Over the last few months, the former store has been repurposed for its new use:  a Buffalo Wild Wings fast food outlet.  What this means is that Americans have stopped reading in favor of eating chicken wings and obesity.  Or, it has no higher meaning at all.