Confidential Client Innovation Center

San Francisco

Award of Merit

Submitted by: HITT Contracting

Owner: Confidential Client

Lead Design Firm: Gensler

General Contractor: HITT Contracting Inc.

Structural Engineer: Stantec

The reuse conversion of an old concrete data center transformed the space into one intended for collaboration, innovation and productivity. The building’s industrial quality was also celebrated through minimal interventions, while thoughtfully executed building systems seamlessly mesh with the existing shell and showcase the infrastructure of the various networks that power the space.

Split into two parts—the innovation center and corporate office—each simultaneous effort posed a number of coordination challenges. The project team included multiple subcontractors, along with the general contractor and client, and the scope was delineated among the various parties. In order to prevent any coordination snafus or schedule delays, a detailed floor plan markup thoughtfully split each of the work zones, which were then assigned a designated field superintendent. The onsite operations team met daily to ensure activities were synchronized.

Even though the delivery was delayed by one month out to May 2023, the project team minimized this delay by extending subcontractor work hours, as necessary, without overextending their schedules.