Liquid Flashing: No Primer Required

The Kemperol 1K-LF Flashing is a low-odor waterproofing treatment that adheres to most roofing materials, including single-ply membrane systems, without the need of a primer. Application involves a fleece reinforcement applied over wet resin, followed by another coat of resin, creating a flexible barrier. It is rainfast in about two hours and can be walked on in about 16 hours. The waterproofing treatment is silane-based and solvent-free. Kemper System America; 

Work Light: Corded/Cordless

The 18V LXT LED work light can operate with either a cord or a lithium-ion battery, sold separately, that provides 3 to 13 hours of light, depending on which of its three settings is used. The lowest setting delivers 750 lumens, the medium 1,500 lumens, and the high 3,000 lumens. The angle is adjustable and the light can also be mounted on a tripod. It is IP65-rated for dust and water resistance. Makita;

Slipform Machine: Improved Accuracy

The 5700-D curb machine is designed for concrete slipform applications. It comes with a redesigned control system that can connect to Topcon, Leica or Trimble 3D control systems for greater accuracy. New features in this model include an engine display instead of gauges and a cold-air dam between the engine and console. A master scaling control knob for the vibrators allows for adjustments to overall vibration while preserving individual vibrator adjustments. A canopy and a low-pressure water system are available as options. Power Curbers Cos.;

Strut shear head: Cleaner Cuts 

The field-ready StrutSlayr strut shear head can perform square cuts in metal strut, without chips or burrs. According to the manufacturer, the StrutSlayr can peform full cuts in five seconds or less. The shear head comes with a built-in measuring guide and 13⁄16-in., 15⁄8-in. and combo dies. It can be attached to the RIDGID RP 340 Press Tool and can also be mounted on the RIDGID Tristand tripod. RIDGID;

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