Dust System Adapter: Wireless Activation

The WUT02U auto-start wireless universal adapter is an attachment designed to work with most AC-powered dust-extraction systems. The adapter pairs over Bluetooth with a compatible Makita tool to activate and deactivate the dust-extraction system to ensure the full flow of air is available when needed to maintain compliance with OSHA regulations on dust exposure. Makita USA; www.makitatools.com

Drill Bucket: Designed for Digger Derricks

The Terex Utilities spin-bottom drill bucket is designed to improve productivity when drilling in wet or sandy ground conditions. The bucket around the tool captures material as it drills into the ground, allowing for spoils to be ejected from the hole more easily. Similar to tools for auger drills, the spin-bottom drill bucket is designed for use with digger derricks. Available in a range of sizes from 18 in. to 30 in., the tool features a 30-in. barrel length and 5⁄8-in. wall thickness. Terex Utilities; www.terex.com

Compact Excavator: Minimum Tail Swing

The E26 compact excavator features several improvements over earlier models, including improved operator visibility and new low-effort joystick controls. Powered by a 24.8-hp engine, the E26 has a bucket digging force of 5,652 lb-ft and a rated lifting capacity of 2,359 lb. At only 61 in. wide and an operating weight of 6,489 lb, the E26 is able to easily navigate through tight spaces and over unstable terrain. The compact excavator features minimum tail swing, allowing it to be safely used near active roadways and other obstacles. Bobcat Co.; www.bobcat.com

Stand-On Skid Steer: Maneuverable

The SK3000 stand-on skid steer loader has a lifting capacity of up to 3,100 lb and boasts a breakout force of 5,500 lb. The machine weighs only 7,600 lb and has a relatively narrow carriage, allowing it to work in soil conditions that would prove a challenge for a full-size skid-steer loader. The 2.3-sq-ft operator’s standing platform allows for full 360° visibility, without having to climb in and out of a cab. The SK3000 can accept a wide range of attachments, and features a variable flow hydraulic system with 8 gpm, 14 gpm and 22 gpm settings. Ditch Witch; www.ditchwitch.com

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