Anchor installation: Drilling Dust Control

DeWalt’s DUSTX+ adhesive installation system includes hollow drill bits to minimize dust when drilling holes in concrete for anchor installation. Compatible with SDS and SDS Max drills, the system uses hollow drill bits and an integrated dust-collection vacuum to reduce harmful silica dust during drilling. Because the dust is collected during drilling, there is no need to blow out the hole when the job is finished, further reducing dust exposure. DeWalt;

Concrete Pump Truck: Remote Control

The S 38 SX pump truck has a five-segment boom that has a 106-ft, 11-in., horizontal reach and a 122-ft, 4-in., vertical reach. The truck is available in a three-axle, cab-over configuration or a four-axle, conventional truck configuration to comply with federal bridge regulations. The pump can deliver 213 cu yd of concrete per hour. Using the Vector remote-control system, an operator can operate the pump from several hundred feet away. Schwing;

Dozer: Improved Power

The 450K dozer is powered by an 80-hp Deere 4.5L engine that meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards. It is able to deliver 16% greater horsepower and an improved power-to-weight ratio, compared to the earlier J Series model. The dozer features an Eco mode that can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% during typical use. It also features Total Machine Control, which allows the operator to customize the decelerator’s mode and response, travel-speed steering response and speed ratios. Further, TMC can record telematics data. Deere Construction & Forestry Division.

Laser Distance Meter: Auto-Level Function

Milwaukee’s three new laser distance meters have maximum ranges of 65 ft, 150 ft and 330 ft. The 65-ft version has an accuracy of plus or minus 1⁄8 in., while the 150-ft and 330-ft models are accurate to within 1⁄16 in. Every model features 2-in. color screens that are readable in low-light conditions. The 330-ft model has a digital auto-level function, which, when the meter reaches a level position, automatically measures distance. Milwaukee Tool;

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