Every year there is a new natural disaster added to the lists of worst disasters the U.S. has experienced: Hurricane Harvey, the Camp Fire, historic floods in Nebraska. Even the best engineer can’t design for 100% safety during cataclysmic events. But engineers, architects, contractors, land-use planners and others in the construction industry can, and are, taking steps to help communities be more resilient—the ability to adapt and become better prepared to meet, and recover from, the next catastrophe. They are working in places like Ellicott City, Md., to help the historic city adapt to repeated flooding. They are working in Fort Collins, Colo., to help mitigate the multiple threats of drought, heat, flood and fire. And they are working in Paradise, Calif., to help the town chart a path forward after the deadly 2018 inferno. Throughout this year, ENR will examine how the industry is contributing to solutions with stories about the places and the people who are preparing for the hazards ahead.