Pipe-Joining System: Easy Installation

The QuickVic SD pipe-joining system is designed to work with carbon steel pipe systems sized for 2 in./DN50 and below. It is designed to be installed with common hand tools and features no loose parts that can be dropped or lost. The system can be used on Schedules 10 through 80 carbon-steel pipe and can handle pressure of up to 300 psi and temperatures up to 250° F. Victaulic; www.victaulic.com 

Crawler Crane: Remote Operation

The TCC-1200 is a 120-ton-class crane built on the same platform as the earlier 110-ton-class model. It has a telescoping boom with a maximum height of 150 ft and features Teflon wear pucks, eliminating the need for grease. The crane is available in three track widths: 18 ft, 2 in.; 15 ft, 8 in.; and 11 ft, 11 in. The narrow track widths allow the crane to be used on jobsites with limited access, including industrial settings. The TCC-1200 is compatible with Link-Belt’s new wireless remote-control system, allowing operators to run the crane from outside the cab. Link-Belt Cranes; www.link-belt.com

Rock Cutters: Lower Vibration Than Breakers

KINSHOFER has launched the WS-Series of drum cutters, based on the drum cutter line from its recent acquisition of Schaeff Traverse Cutter from Atlas. Intended as an alternative to hydraulic breakers, the drum cutters can break rock without causing the significant vibrations associated with breakers. The rock cutters are available with four different chisel tips and a variety of drum sizes for different applications. The WS-Series are also fully sealed, allowing them to be used underwater in depths up to 25 ft for work such as bridge repairs. KINSHOFER; www.kinshofer.com

Concrete Waterproofing: Spray-Applied

Mortar Sentry is a spray-applied waterproofing treatment for concrete and masonry. The treatment can be used on a wide variety of alkaline materials, including brick, mortar, concrete and sandstone. In addition to preventing the formation of mold and mildew, the treatment can also reduce the formation of cracks in concrete surfaces. The treatment does not wear away from exposure to the elements, and its use will not change the color or appearance of the concrete surface. Mortar Sentry is available in different formulations for vertical and horizontal surfaces. Mule-Hide Products; www.mulehide.com

Manufacturers can send information on new products to ENR.products@enr.com.