GPS Receiver: Accurate Location Data

The T-18 handheld field controller features a 72-channel receiver that can provide GPS location information with a 3-meter accuracy. The controller also features a 3.5G cellular modem that can access real-time kinematic information for greater positional accuracy. It sports a 3.7-in. screen designed to be readable in full sunlight and has up to 10 hours of battery life. The T-18 features Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and is IP65-rated for dust and water resistance. Sokkia; 

Boom Lifts: Lower Ground Pressure

The Genie S-80 HF and S-85 HF boom lifts in the “high-float” category are able to operate on soft surfaces where low ground pressure is required. The HF models have lift capacities of 600 lb unrestricted and 1,000 lb when restricted to a predefined operating envelope. The boom lifts are based on the same design as the Genie Xtra Capacity lifts and meet the requirements of new ANSI A92 guidelines for overload restrictions and terrain sensing. Genie, a Terex brand;

Corded Angle Grinders: Electronic Brake

Three new corded angle grinders from DEWALT feature an electronic clutch and a kickback brake to shut down the tool when a wheel pinch or motor stall is detected. The 5-in. slide-switch small angle grinder is 13.4 in. long and weighs only 5.3 lb and comes with two mesh screens to prevent debris from getting into the tool. The 5-in./6-in. small angle grinder is available with a paddle switch or a trigger switch and features a built-in connection point for a tool lanyard. DEWALT;

Concrete Monitoring: Fiber Optic Cables

The LumiCon concrete monitoring system uses fiber-optic technology to track temperature and moisture along the length of the sensor cable. The system can monitor large concrete placements in real time, and the sensor cables can be reused across multiple projects. Collected data is uploaded to a cloud-based service via built-in LTE cellular connections. Analytics can be viewed in a web-based dashboard. AOMS Technologies;

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