Cordless Grinder: Improved Battery

The WPB 36 LTX BL 230 is a 9-in. cordless angle grinder that can tackle many cutting and grinding applications that normally require a corded tool. It features an electronic braking system that can stop the wheel in three seconds, as well as a soft start and a non-locking paddle switch. It runs on a 36-volt, 5.2 amp-hour lithium-ion battery. Metabo USA; 

Utility Wheel Loader: Better Fuel Economy

The Deere 524K II wheel loader has an operating weight of 20,000 lb. It is powered by a 130-hp engine capable of delivering a breakout force of 19,974 lb. The machine is part of a new lineup of utility wheel loaders that boast fuel-efficiency improvements of up to 10%, compared to the earlier models. Engine rpms are reduced during high-fuel-usage situations, with increased hydraulic-pump displacement at lower engine speeds. John Deere Construction & Forestry Division;

Rough-Terrain Crane: Improved Lift Chart

The Liebherr LRT 1090-2.1 Rough-Terrain Crane is a 100-ton-class crane that features a standard outrigger monitoring system. The crane’s control system detects the status of the wheels and outriggers and automatically updates its lift calculations. The crane’s VarioBase technology improves its lift profile when lifting over the outriggers, allowing it to lift loads normally reserved for the next larger crane class. A six-speed powershift transmission and the option to switch between four-wheel drive and crab steering allow the crane to manoeuver in off-road jobsites. Liebherr;

Ergonomic Kneepads: Gel Inserts With Hard Caps

SmartShell kneepads come in three varieties, depending on the type of application. The BKKN100 kneepads are lightweight pads for short-term applications. The BKKN200 kneepads have contoured hard caps for longer wear, while the BKKN300 pads have gel-injected cushions for all-day wear, with broad caps to direct pressure away from the kneecap. Corner pegs help to maintain balance and allow for sideways sliding when working on flooring. Brass Knuckle;

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