GNSS Receiver: Centimeter-Accurate Positioning

The GCX3 GNSS integrated receiver can now work with many satellite location systems, including BeiDou, Galileo, SBAS QZSS and GAGAN, in addition to the GPS and GLONASS systems with which its predecessor was compatible. Using a mix of satellite tracking systems, the GCX3 is capable of centimeter-accurate positioning. The receiver features both real-time kinematic operation and Bluetooth connectivity. It can serve as a base station for up to three roving units at a range of 300 meters. Sokkia;

Mini Skid Steer: Improved Capacity

The SK1550 mini skid steer is powered by a 44-hp diesel engine and can perform many tasks that usually would require a full-size skid-steer loader. It has a rated operating capacity of 1,558-lb and features a pin height of 7 ft, 10 in. The SK1150 can carry loads over rough terrain and has a travel speed of 4.7 mph. Dual-lever, skid-steer-style controls are standard, allowing for independent control of each track. A single-joystick control setup is also available as an option. Ditch Witch;

Hydraulic Hoist System: High-Precision Lifts

The SHAS Series Autonomous SyncHoist is a lifting solution that can improve the positioning of loads when working with a single crane. Attached below the hook, it can be used directly between slings or under a frame. Each of the four hydraulic cylinders is self-contained, with no external hoses or power sources required. The cylinders are controlled with a wireless remote, and each has an accuracy of plus or minus 1 millimeter. They are available with lifting capacities of 110 or 225 tons, with plunger strokes of 1 meter and 1.5 m. Each cylinder can be moved independently, so loads can be precisely positioned during a lift. Enerpac;

Concrete Admixture: Now for Shotcrete Applications

The TYTRO concrete admixture system has been adapted to work for shotcrete. It includes a rheology control agent and macro synthetic fibers for faster cure times and less splashback. It comes in a range of admixtures designed for different site conditions and curing requirements. According to the manufacturer, the system boasts a 5% to 8% reduction in material rebound compared to other shotcrete systems, and a 10% lower installation cost. GCP Applied Technologies;

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