Hydrodemolition: Compact Robot

The Aquajet 410V is a remote-controlled hydrodemolition robot designed for sites with limited access. The 2,756-lb machine is equipped with jets to deliver 15,000 to 40,000 psi of water, allowing it to remove up to 9 cu ft of concrete per hour. The robot features an extendable mast, allowing it to raise the front jets up to 13.2 ft vertically. The robot is run by a remote control and can be deployed in flooded or unstable locations without putting the operator at risk. Aquajet; www.aquajet.se

Concrete Pump Truck: Narrow Footprint

The 50 M5 XXT truck-mounted concrete pump has a folding five-section boom with a maximum height of 49.1 meters and a maximum horizontal reach of 44.4 m. When the boom is stowed, the truck has a total length of 12 m. The truck has four different pump options, with outputs ranging from 138 cu m to 167 cu m per hour. On the XXT boom pedestal, the support arms direct forces from the boom into the frame without significantly increasing the truck’s footprint. Liebherr USA; www.liebherr.us

Concrete Vibration: Variable-Speed Control Box

The M-Box concrete vibration control system can manage the speed and vibrations per minute of up to two concrete vibrators. The variable speeds allow for smoother finishes on concrete surfaces. As the vibration speed increases, water can separate in the concrete mix, increasing the chance of chipping or cracking. Variable speeds allow the M-Box to match vibration speed to the concrete mix. The operator can select from 6,000, 8,000 or 10,800 vpm. The M-Box can convert the 230-volt, single-phase output of a 3,500-watt generator to a 230-volt, three-phase output, allowing consistent voltage under different concrete loads. Minnich Manufacturing; www.minnich-mfg.com

Total Station: Automatic Stabilization on Uneven Terrain

The GM-100 manual total station offers accuracy for distances of up to 6,000 meters when using a reflector and up to 1,000 m in reflectorless mode. It features dual-axis compensation, automatically adjusting vertical and horizontal positioning when working on unstable terrain. The total station has onboard memory storage for up to 50,000 measurements and support for up to 32 GB of external USB storage. The GM-100 also features Bluetooth connectivity to wireless download measurements. The total station’s battery can last up to 28 hours during normal use. Topcon Positioning Systems; www.topconpositioning.com

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