Cut-Out Tool: Now on 22V Batteries

The SCO 6-A22 cordless cut-out tool is able to cut through standard, double-layer drywall as well as more heavy-duty interior wall materials. The tool features a paddle-style switch to prevent accidental activation and airflow guides that keep dust away from the user’s face and the tool’s motor. Two integrated LEDs illuminate the work area. The tool runs on Hilti’s 22V battery platform for better runtimes, and is also backwards-compatible with Hilti’s 18V batteries. Hilti;

Circular Saw: Improved Guard Design

The DEWALT 20V MAX XR 71⁄4-in. circular saw features a brushless motor and an electronic brake. The saw accepts 71⁄4-in. blades and has a cutting capacity of 29⁄16 in. It is well suited for cutting plywood, trim, hardwood and framing lumber. The saw has a bevel capacity of up to 57° with stops at 45° and 22.5°. The aluminum guard is lower than on earlier models, reducing guard hang-ups and improving cutting performance for bevels and shim. A built-in LED provides a clear view of the cutting line. DEWALT;

Pipe Fusion: Lightweight Tool for Overhead Work

The McElroy Hornet is a pipe fusion tool for outlet fusions of polypropylene pipe. The tool is able to self-align along the center of the main pipe. The slide-mounted carriage is able to guide the drilling of the outlet hole and the fusion of the fitting, ensuring proper alignment is maintained. The tool weighs only 13 lb, allowing it to be used for overhead pipes and pipes in tight spaces. The Hornet is compatible with all McElroy socket heaters and fusion outlet adapters for polypropylene pipe from 20 mm to 63 mm on mains up to 630 mm. McElroy Manufacturing;

Concrete Poker: Electronic Controls

The Vektor 12K vibrating concrete poker is able to run off a standard 115V power outlet. It has a vibration radius 12 times the device’s diameter and is able to vibrate 12,000 times per minute. It is available with a 16-ft hose for vibrating concrete walls, bridge decks and beams. The poker head features a single electric motor with a single helical rotor encased in a steel tube. This design provides faster startup and less resistance when working at full capacity. The poker automatically adjusts its vibration rate to reduce jamming when it comes into contact with rebar. Chicago Pneumatic;

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