Concrete Saw: Worm-Drive Powertrain

The Medusaw is designed for concrete cutting applications. It features a worm-drive powertrain and can be used for both scoring and cutting concrete without additional attachments. It has an integrated wet-dry dust-control system, and a rolling foot plate with rubber wheels allows the saw to move easily along concrete during use. Skilsaw; 

Lattice-Boom Crawler Crane: Split Counterweight System

The Terex LC 330US lattice-boom crawler crane has a maximum load limit of 330 tons. The crane has a split counterweight system that consist of two stacks on each side of the crane, instead of a single stack on the back. This design lowers the crane’s center of gravity without the need for a central ballast and reduces the counterweight stack height; the crane’s counterweight stacks can be assembled more efficiently than a traditional counterweight, requiring an assist crane with only a 10-ton capacity. The crane can be configured with up to 275 ft of main boom or up to 196 ft of main boom with a 236-ft luffing jib, for a total boom length of 432 ft. The crane can be transported on a standard lowboy trailer, with the smaller boom sections stored inside the larger ones. Terex Cranes;

Horizontal Direction Drill: Now With Tier 4 Engine

The JT100 horizontal directional drill is now powered by a 360-hp Cummins diesel engine that meets Tier 4 emissions requirements. The drill rig boasts 100,000 lb of pullback and 12,000 ft-lb of torque, allowing it to perform demanding applications, such as drilling under riverbeds and installing large-diameter pipe. A dual-pivot drill frame allows for the JT100 to perform at steeper angles of entry without having to raise the tracks off the ground, improving overall stability during drilling operations. Ditch Witch;

Remote-Controlled Demolition: Increased Power

The Brokk 280 remote-controlled demolition machine has a 20-ft reach and an operating weight of 6,945 lb. The new version has up to a 25% increase in breakout power, compared to the earlier model. The demolition machine features Brokk Smart Power, an electronic control system that allows the machine to perform efficiently even when working with unreliable power sources, such as small portable generators. The system also regulates the temperatures of the electrical and hydraulic systems, eliminating the need for an automatic shutoff due to overheating. Brokk;

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