Tool Lanyard: Low-Force Elastic Retraction

The Super Coil tool lanyard can provide an 18-ft-dia working area and retract to only 42 in. Featuring a low-force polyurethane elastic core woven through the entire webbing, the tether can extend as needed without snapping back too quickly. Able to work with tools weighing up to 25 lb, the tool’s low-force retraction results in lower operator fatigue compared to similar retractable tether systems. Gear Keeper; 

Riding Trowel: More Compact Design

The MP245 riding trowel sports twin 36-in.-dia four-blade rotors for concrete finishing. Controlled by twin hydraulic joysticks, the rotors can operate at 45 rpm to 165 rpm. It is powered by a 22-hp Honda engine, and also features an electrically powered spray system for applying retardants. The MP245 is the smallest riding trowel offered by Allen Engineering and is well suited for smaller jobs with multiple obstacles. Allen Engineering;

Tweels for Skid Steers: Case Offers New Option

Case is now offering Michelin’s X Tweel SSL all-terrain airless radial tires as a factory-installed option on all of its skid-steer loaders. Unlike pneumatic tires, the Tweel cannot be punctured and can maintain its stability if partially damaged. The tire also provides better performance and more even wear than foam-filled or solid tires. The Tweel on Case skid steers features a deep undertread, allowing it to be retread multiple times over its lifetime. Case Construction Equipment;

Concrete Level: Durable Frame for Heavy Usage

REDSTICK concrete levels each have a 2-in.-wide working surface and an angled edge for screeding and striking wet concrete. The levels feature magnesium cores with reinforced frames to prevent deformation or damage during heavy use. Magnified views of the bubble meniscus allow for quick checking of pitches of 1⁄8-in. and 1⁄4-in. when forming concrete for water drainage on curbs. They are available in 24-in., 48-in. and 72-in. lengths. Milwaukee Tool;

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