Total Station: Long-Distance Measurements

The iM-100 manual total station has a measurement accuracy of up to 5,000 meters when using a prism and up to 800 meters in reflectorless mode. It features dual-axis stabilization to ensure accurate measurements on uneven or rough terrain, automatically correcting horizontal and vertical angles. With a battery life of 28 hours, the total station has integrated Bluetooth connectivity, and measurements can be downloaded to compatible devices without the need for external antennas or attachments. Onboard memory can store up to 50,000 measurement points. Sokkia;

Concrete Nailer: Battery-Powered

The DEWALT 20V cordless concrete nailer runs off a DEWALT 20V battery and does not require gas charges to fire nails. The fully electric tool can perform the same tasks as a gas-actuated nailer, and it has a wider temperature and altitude range than nailers that use fuel cells. It can fire 600 shots per charge, driving 3⁄4-in., .102 fasteners into concrete. The tool is also quieter and has less recoil than gas-actuated fasteners, allowing it to be used comfortably for longer periods of time. DEWALT;

Portable HEPA Filter: Improve Air Quality Indoors

The AF500 AIR-SCRUB-R portable HEPA filter can improve air quality during indoor construction. The two-stage design features a 30%-efficient pre-filter and a 99.7%-efficient HEPA secondary filter that can capture particles down to 0.3 microns. The system can remove allergens, soot and mold particles that can be stirred up during indoor construction work. The pre-filter can be swapped out for a carbon-potassium permanganate filter, which can capture smoke, VOCs and other contaminants. The AF500 runs on standard 110V AC power and can provide air-flow rates of up to 500 CFM. General Equipment;

DURABLE WrapPING: Protect Equipment and Materials

Ecoweave packaging can be used to protect building materials and heavy equipment from the elements in a lightweight, durable, tarp-like wrap. Previously only available in a few sizes, Cortec is now offering Ecoweave in a wider variety of dimensions to suit the job. Made of polyolefin film, Ecoweave is tear-resistant and chemically treated to prevent damage to wrapped materials from weather or corrosion. With a durable, flexible design, it can be used to wrap building materials, heavy equipment and spare parts for transport across long distances. Cortec Coated Products;

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