Total Station: Bluetooth Connectivity

The iM-50 manual total station has a maximum measurement distance of up to 4,000 meters when used with a prism and up to 500 meters when used in reflector­less mode. It boasts a 1.5mm/2ppm accuracy with a measurement time of less than a second, regardless of distance. The total station has onboard storage for 50,000 measurement points and can support up to 32GB of external USB flash memory. The controller is Bluetooth enabled and can interface with smart devices. Sokkia; 

Hydraulic Breaker: Made for Tunneling

The SB302 breaker has been redesigned for underground work in tunneling and mining applications. The breaker features a redesigned stainless steel piston with a press-fit, one-piece bushing. The hammer body is protected by a replaceable wear plate, while a collar supports a front shield to reduce dust intrusion into the tool when working overhead. Two restrictors are available to allow the breaker to be adjusted for rock-scaling or rock-breaking operations. The SB302 breaker is designed to work with excavators in the 4.5-ton to 13-ton weight class. Epiroc;

Mini Skid Steer: Improved Hydraulic Pump

The SK252D mini skid steer has an operating weight of 1,785 lb and a lifting height of 7 ft. It is powered by a 25-hp Kubota diesel engine and has four-wheel drive. The SK252D has a tipping load of 956 lb and features a larger hydraulic pump than earlier models for better response. The wheels can be swapped out to bring the skid steer to a width of only 30 in. A soft-brake option gradually brings the mini skid steer to a stop after the operator releases the controls. Tobroco-Giant;

Safety Webbing: High-Strength Working Surface

The Spider WorkWeb is a versatile work surface designed to be deployed in spaces where traditional scaffolding or lift access is not practical or feasible. The webbing is suspended between existing structural members and is supported by an interwoven grid of tension straps. The webbing itself is made of high-tenacity polypropylene that will not become slippery. The knotless design of the webbing isolates potential safety issues or breaks. To comply with OSHA regulations, guardrails or additional fall protection are required when using the WorkWeb. Spider;

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