Total station: Long-Distance Reflectorless Measurements

The CX-100LN Robotic Total Station is able to measure distances up to 6,560 ft without the use of a prism. It can operate with 2- or 5-arc-second accuracy and has dual-axis compensation for more precise readings. The onboard software is able to compensate for some of the problems associated with reflectorless measurement, including taking measurements on dark or wet surfaces. The total station has a battery life of 15 hours and is housed in a waterproof case. Integrated Bluetooth connectivity allows for survey data to be downloaded wirelessly. Sokkia Corp.;

Scraper: Mounts to ADT Chassis

The 1228ADT is a 28-cu-yd scraper designed to be mounted on an articulated dump truck (ADT) chassis. The scraper can be easily attached to any ADT chassis in the 25-ton or 30-ton range. The 12228ADT is controlled by a cab-mounted joystick, with a digital display screen showing performance data. During travel, the ADT scraper can travel at speeds of up to 30 mph for quick relocation on the jobsite. The 1228ADT scraper is able to load itself during scraping and can be top-loaded by an excavator for hauling. K-Tec Earthmovers;

Magnetic Locator: Works Indoors and Outdoors

Unlike traditional metal detectors, the RIDGID MR-10 Magnetic Locator can distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous metals, allowing it to locate specific buried objects, such as paved-over manhole covers, property-marking pins, cast-iron pipes, drainage gates, septic tanks and buried valve boxes. The locator also can be used indoors to locate hidden pipes and building studs in walls or ceilings. The sensitivity of the MR-10 can be adjusted as needed, and it has an effective detection depth of 10 ft. The tool has a lightweight aluminum housing, with a built-in LCD and audible detection alarm. The tool is powered by six AA batteries. RIDGID;

Excavators: Now With Tier 4 Final Engines

The Hitachi ZX130-6, ZX160LC-6 and ZX180LC-6 excavators now are available with Tier 4 Final engines. This update brings Hitachi’s entire line of utility excavators into compliance with Tier 4 Final standards. The engines employ a combination of exhaust-gas recirculation, a diesel-oxidation catalyst and selective catalytic reduction to meet emissions standards. Diesel exhaust fluid must be added at regular intervals. The engine’s piston design allows for waste matter to be burned inside the engine’s cylinder, eliminating the need for a diesel particulate filter. Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas;