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he E Series of articulated haulers feature a new suspension system that has automatic leveling and stability control on all four wheels, allowing better handling at higher speeds and in off–road conditions. Hydraulic cylinders attached to each wheel are controlled by a system that monitors ground conditions, making adjustments as needed. The suspension system also reduces the vibrations felt by the driver. he SHOXX X20 diamond blade has a 20–mm segment height and is designed to cut a wide variety of materials, including reinforced concrete, brick and granite. The trapezoidal shape of the blades gives a smoother cut, while the thick steel core reduces vibration. A titanium coating increases diamond retention. he Style 107 QuickVic rigid coupling is designed for easy installation when joining steel pipe, with no need to disassemble the bolts, nuts, gasket and housing. Intended for standard roll grooved and cut groovedsteel pipe, the coupling has an angle bolt pad that allows for a metal–to–metalbolt–pad connection to allow for visual confirmation of correct installation. The coupling is temperature rated from –30 deg. F. to +250 deg. F, and is available in 2 in., 3 in., 4 in. and 6in. diameters. he S–170 XDT Aerial Device has the greatest horizontal outreach of any aerial device in North America at 115 ft, and is capable oflifting 1400 lb to a 170–ft platform height. Mounted on a 8x6 International commercial chassis, the S–170 XDT folds down to a 13–ft transport height. Anadvanced control system monitors outrigger settings and platform load. If outriggers are not positioned properly or the platform is operating outside safe parameters, alarms go off to warn the operator. The boom is interlocked with the outriggers and will not operate unless deployed properly. The outriggers and leveling system is activated by a single button and is ready in seconds. eveloped for patching and long–term repair of concrete, masonry and structural asphalt, PAVEMEND SLQ is intended for urgent infrastructure repair. With one hour compressive strengths of 3,400 psi, mended areas are ready to receive loads from wheeled traffic in one hour and pedestrian loads in twenty minutes. The single component powder requires only water for activation. It will bond to most construction surfaces including steel, and is self–adhering, with no need for cold joints. hermaChannel steel framing studs have a recessed flange edge to minimize the metal–to–wall contact and cut down on the thermal heat gain/loss in walls. In one test, the R–value of the wall structure was improved by 16%, the maker says. It also believes that the recessed edge will improve acoustics. Tests are under way. And, the shape should reduce "ghost marking" that is common in some areas of the U.S. where steel framing is used. ThermaChannel studs should cost about the same as standard studs, and installation is the same, the maker says. The studs now are available by special order, but talks are under way with stud manufacturers to make the product more widely available. ougen Manufacturing's new Model HMD904S swivel–base portable magnetic drill features a new drill–body–to–magnetic–base coupling that permits up to a 11/8–in. of side–to–side and front–to–back motion after the magnetic base has been engaged to allow the operator to fine tune the drill position. The drill weighs 30.5 lb and provides drilling capabilities ranging from 7/16 in. to 11/2 in. diameter and 2–in. depth of cut. The 450 rpm motor is rated at 7.2 amp. he new RD2000 Super C.A.T. radio detection locator is a high–performance tool available in a number of receiver and transmitter combinations designed for locating multiple utilities, including well–insulated pipes and telecommunications cables. Materials located include cast iron, clay andplastic. A "StrikeAlert" feature alerts the user to unexpectedly shallow cables and lines.