Respirators: Half and Full-Face Devices
D Draeger Safety Inc.; 800-615-5503;

Protective Eyewear: New Lens Colors
MKlein Tools; 800-553-4676;

Bumper Step: For Truck-Bed Access
B AMP Research; 888-983-2204;

Harness And lanyard: For a Safe Workplace
W North Safety Products; 888-422-3798;

Roof Anchor: For Jobsite Convenience and Versatility
T Capital Safety; 800-328-6146; raeger Safety Inc. is offering a trade-in program on its new X-plore half and full-face pieces. Trade in existing masks from any maker for new ones, on a one-to-one basis, at no cost beyond the purchase of the appropriate filters and cartridges. The X-plore 3500 half-mask is manufactured with a proprietary Draeger-Flex material that is hypoallergenic, soft and comfortable to wear. The X-plore 5500 full face piece is made of an EPDM material with an exclusive triple edge seal, providing three sizes in one mask. aker adds three lens colors to its line of protective eyewear: dark gray, for outdoor work areas with strong sunlight; amber, for indoor and outdoor low-light applications; and Spectrum Control Technology gray, for minimizing glare in outdoor applications. The new eyewear meets ANSI and OSHA requirements and is CSA-certified. Lenses have anti-fog, scratch-resistant, anti-UV coatings. edStep is a sturdy, lightweight bumper step that folds down and retracts with the nudge of a foot to provide easy access to truck beds. Made from black powder coated aluminum alloy for long-term durability, the item is easy to install, and can support up to 300 lb. Available for Dodge, Ford, GM and Toyota light-duty trucks with OEM beds and bumpers. ith one first-time adjustment, the Rite-On Harness (shown right, bottom left) will go on without any further alteration. The harness is ergonomic, tangle free and lightweight, at only 4.3 lb. Comfortable and easy to use, it can be worn for up to eight hours with no need to remove it. Also available is the Ty-Rite Lanyard (shown top left), an anchor point and lanyard in one, designed with the industry's first quad locking carabiner rated to withstand a 5,000-lb loading in any orientation for tie-back anchor-point use. he three-person swiveling roof anchor is designed with worker safety, mobility and productivity in mind. Features of the system include three independent, swiveling anchorage points, a unique load-distributing design and simple installation. The roof anchor's three elevated, rotating anchorage points provide protection and mobility for up to three workers. The 360° swiveling anchors provide complete hands-free mobility and reduce snagging and dragging when connected to a self-retracting lifeline. The anchors also can be connected to lanyard, rope and rope-grab systems.