Slab-on-Ground Design
Construction Recommendations
Design of Post-Tensioned Slabs-on-Ground is the 3rd edition of this design manual. The manual focuses on geotechnical design parameters, which include extensive editorial revisions and clarification. All procedures are provided to guide the designer to the applicable design system and its limitations. This new technical guide is produced for qualified geotechnical and structural engineers for the design of two types of post-tensioned, ground-supported foundations: ribbed foundations and uniform thickness foundations. Post-Tensioning Institute; 602/870-7540;

Waste Grinder
High-Capacity Shredder
A new DVD introduces a waste reduction solution for all types of construction and demolition, municipal solid waster, storm debris and other bulky waste. The Annihilator DVD presents a low-speed, high-torque shredder. It shows the operation and 100 + tons per hour throughput of the heavy-duty shredder and describes its construction and a variety of safety features. Continental Biomass Industries Inc.; 603/382-0556;

Safety Program
Equipment Operation
Groundbreaking Safety is designed to promote the safe operation of all types of trenchers, plows, horizontal directional drills, mini skid steers and mini excavators. The program consists of two products. The first is a DVD containing three safety videos specific to trenchers, HDD equipment,  and compact utility equipment. The second is a complete safety training program that includes an interactive presentation including video, on-screen text, narration and more. Ditch Witch; 800/654-6481;

Formulated Specifically for Vehicle Lifts
Rotary Lift; 800/640-5438;

Nailing System
Lightweight, 6.4 lb
Max USA Corp.; 800/223-4293; www



This literature highlights the first line of lubricants formulated specifically for vehicle lifts. It is intended to help workers who rely on vehicle lifts to safely raise and lower trucks, construction equipment and service vehicles so they can work on them. Information is provided on the extended lift life of the Rotary Lubrication Product Line that includes grease, hydraulic lift fluid, oil fortifier and penetrating oil.   Manufacturer offers a two-sided colorful brochure that introduces the PowerLite high-pressure pneumatic nailing system to the North American market. Powered by 400-psi technology, these new concrete pinners are lighter and smaller than most competitors’ tools, according to the brochure. It also points out and depicts specific features of model HN120, such as its wide range of fastener lengths with adjustable magazine plates and its durable metal housing. Also included in the brochure are tool specifications, applicable fasteners and a listing of accessories.