Hydraulic Power Packs
Power-On-Demand System
These hydraulic packs power a wide range of hydraulic handheld tools for construction, utility and demolition projects. Several models are available to accommodate the varying oil flow and pressure requirements of the tools they power. In addition, a twin-pack model has the capability to supply power to two tools at the same time. The LP9-20 and LP13-20 DE are fitted with 9-hp and 13-hp Honda gasoline engines, respectively. Both feature a power-on-demand system that increases the engine speed only when a tool is engaged. Atlas Copco Construction Tools; 413/746-0020; www.us.atlascopco.com

Truncated Domes
SLightweight Concrete
Manufacturer introduces and receives a U.S. patent for a new product for the detectable warnings that the Americans with Disabilities Act requires at curb ramps, transit platform edges and hazardous vehicular ways. The RampDone System is a series of long-lasting lightweight concrete domes that are easily installed by lowering them into metal forms that have been set into the base surface in an ADA-specified pattern. It sits flush with sidewalk ramps and only the 0.2-in. dome is detectable above the surface. RampDome Systems LLC; 602/791-2828; www.rampdome.com

For Site Preparation
The new Worksite Pro land plane is a mechanical attachment for a skid steer that can be used to complete the final grade on both flat and sloping ground. It can be used in tight spaces close to buildings and is available in three widths to fit various machines–72 in. (model LP72), 78 in. (model LP78) and 84 in. (model LP84). An optional hydraulic control is available for the scarifier. John Deere; 800/503-3373; www.deere.com

MZ Series Hoist
Rack and Pinion Drive System
The MZ series stationary elevators are used to transport materials to various levels in shops, warehouses and production plants. The series feature five models with payload capacities ranging from 300 to 3,000 lb and platform dimensions ranging from 54 in x 60 in. to 54 in. x 120 in. The hoist travels along a steel mast structure using a rack and pinion drive rather than operating on a traditional wire rope system. All models come equipped with a standard enclosure at the ground and along the entire height of the mast to ensure safety. Beta Max Inc.; 800/233-5112; www.betamaxhoist.com

Increased Operating Speeds
The Zaxis 27u-2 is a new compact excavator that offers numerous improvements such as increased operating speeds, 50% more drawbar pull and automatic shifting between high and low travel speeds. Cycle times have been cut by 18%, allowing operators to dig more cubic yards per hour. Also, a new long arm/counterweight option adds approximately 12 in. of dig depth and reach. Powered by a Yanmar 3TNV88 engine, the 27u-2 engine displacement has increased from 1.496 L to 1.642 L. Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd.; 800/346-3169; www.hitachi-c-m.com